How To Play Online Rummy Game Guide

Play Rummy Card Game Online

Once you are done with Indian rummy game rules, taking a step further, start playing 13 card rummy game online for real cash or for free with Classicrummy website and get the best game experience.

Online Rummy Card Game Rules:

The Official rummy game rules remain same whether it is online or offline. A quick glance:

  1. Need to make pure sequence (a.k.a life) without joker.
  2. Need to have additional sequence set with joker or without joker.
  3. And other 2 sets can be triplet (set) or sequence with joker or without joker.

Here is the step by step process on how to play Indian rummy card game online.

Step 1:

Login to classic rummy website (Register -

Step 2:

Once you're logged in, you'll be redirected to the lobby which is nothing but the rummy game tables available to play. Reference Image

Step 3:

You can filter the tables by the game type (variants) for example: 101 & 201 Pool table, Strikes rummy tables, Best of deals tables (2 & 3 rummy player tables)

Step 4:

Click on the Join button & you'll see the popup which is shown in the reference image, you can confirm and join the table in order to start the game. "Reference Image"

Step 5:

If you're the first person to join the table, below are the scenarios of countdown timing.

  • For 6 player table, it requires one more player to start the countdown timer & after that you have to wait for 60 seconds count-down timer (descending order) to complete. Reference Image
  • For 2 player table, you need to wait for another player to start the game.

Step 6:

As soon as the countdown completes or rest of the players join, the game will automatically start by tossing the cards for cutting the deck of cards.

Step 7:

The winner of the "toss" will start the game.

Few Things to Remember While Playing Online Classic Rummy 13 Card Game:

1. Timer:

Each player will be given 35 seconds + extra 15 seconds to pick & discard. If there is no action taken, your turn will be dropped* Reference Image.

2. Drop & Auto-Drop Option

There is an option you can drop the game if you wish to. The drop feature is available only for 101, 201 pool & strikes rummy variants. And in Deals rummy (Best of 2 & 3), there is no option to drop.

Auto Drop will happen if there is no action taken with the specified & extra time given to the player.

3. Leave Table

There is an option to leave the table whenever you want, however you will lose the entry fee if you like to leave in between the game. Reference Image.

4. Multi-Table Game

If you'd like to play multiple rummy games at a time, Classic Rummy has multi-table feature wherein you can play 3 different rummy cash games in a single window. Works majorly on web / desktop version Reference Image

5. My Tables

This feature will help whenever there is disconnection or you drop out from the middle of a game for some unknown reason, you can always come back & check My Tables feature to rejoin if the game is still going on. Reference Image

6. Sort Option

One click button to sort the cards by type (club, spade, diamond & heart) & by ascending order.

7. How to Meld the Cards (Group) And Safe Practice?

Upon selection of two or more cards, you'll see option to group. Select the cards which you want to group to avoid confusion. It's always suggested to group the cards while playing the game. This will be helpful to reduce the points if there is any internet disconnection error. But we got you covered, take a look at our Player protection system for more.

8. Time for Melding the Cards

You'll be given 45 seconds to meld the cards. If you fail to meld the cards within the given time, system would consider the default group that you've set while playing as the melded one and points would be calculated accordingly.

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