Rummy Cash Games - Play For Real Money

The below are the online rummy cash games that are available in our website:

1. 101 pool

This is a typical indian 13 card game, it's played between 2 & 6 players. You can place your bet from Rs.5 to Rs.10,000, players who reaches to 101 points will be eliminated and the player who left at the end of the game, will be declared as winner.

2. 201 pool

This is same as 101 pool game, but here the player who reaches 201 points first, will get eliminated.

3. Best of 3 - Deals rummy

A set of 3 rummy games that will be played by all players who joined, and whichever player is low in points at the end of 3 sets, that is declared as winner. it's played between 2 & 6 players. You can place bet from Rs.5 to Rs.10,000.

4. Best of 2 - Deals rummy

This is same as above best of 3 game set, but here it is a set of 2 games.

5. Points Rummy a.k.a Strikes rummy

One time game, each point is pre-defined with rupee value starting from Rs.0.0125 to Rs.80 per point before the start of game. It's played between 2 & 6 players. Whoever wins the game will win all the cash respective to points given by opponents. More about points rummy.

6. Jumbo Tourney

Every player is eligible for this tourney game with entry fee of Rs.10. Learn more about jumbo tourney!

7. Free Cash Games:

For free players, classic rummy offers cash games for free wherein players can join Rs.5 & Rs.10 tables without any entry fee. Note that, the winnings cannot be withdrawable but can play other cash games listed above.

8. Classic Tourney:

Any player can join this tourney & win Rs.200 free cash. Find the complete details about Classic Tourney.

In detailed explanation of each cash game is provided here.

Tidbit: You can also download & play these online rummy card games with real cash from your PC / Desktop (Windows only), Mobile & it is absolutely free.

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