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₹ 5 & ₹ 10

  • new game every 5 mins
  • new game every 15 mins

Play free win real cash

Yes, now you can play rummy for free and win real cash without any hassle.

Free cash games are initially launched with ₹ 5 & ₹ 10 variants in 101 pool rummy format. All the free players who verified email & mobile number are eligible to participate in this free rummy games.

Please note: Table will start only when 6 players joined and a new ₹ 5 & ₹ 10 tables will start with a time gap of 5 minutes & 15 minutes respectively from last filled table.

Where you can find the table:

Once you logged in, you'll be redirected "cash games" tab. From here, click on fun games and under that you will find 3 rummy game variants, pool, points rummy and free cash games.

Select "free cash games" and play free to win real cash.

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Only Free players are eligible to participate.
  2. Game will start only when 6 players joined the table
  3. A new ₹5 table will start with a time gap of 5 minutes from last filled table
  4. A new ₹10 table will start with a time gap of 15 minutes from last filled table
  5. Email & Mobile verification are mandatory to participate
  6. Games will be played in 101 pool rummy format
  7. Only one winner will be announced per table
  8. No rejoins are allowed in these games.

Play for Free & Win Real Cash 24x7. This is how you can start earning money by playing online rummy game.

Note: You can win Rs.5 & Rs.10 by playing this free cash games, however, you cannot withdraw this cash but you can to play other rummy cash games with the same money.

No limits, you can play for free as much as you can.

Once you're depositor, you are not eligible to play this free game.

So what are you waiting for? Register Now and Start Playing Online Rummy for Free.

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