Player Protection System

Player Protection System

Protects Your Game
From Internet Disconnection

Did you ever lose money or get high point score for getting disconnected when -

  • You are in a running game and opponent player placed show?
  • You click on show or are about to place a show?
  • Opponent placed a show and you were about to meld your cards?

You don't need to worry anymore about this!

We have introduced Player Protection System (PPS) which will address all of the above concerns and much more...

How PPS works?

PPS is a Player Protection System which will meld the cards for you when you are unable to do so yourself due to any technical issue or internet disconnection.

Benefits of PPS:

  • Automated System which gets activated on disconnection
  • Melds your grouped cards automatically

PPS will work for below scenarios:

  • While playing a game, if you get disconnected and another player on the table places a valid show, then PPS will meld the group of cards in your hand as it is, if you have not been dropped already.
  • If you click on show to place a show and get disconnected, then PPS will meld your grouped cards as it is after your meld time runs out.
  • If an opponent player places a show and you get disconnected before you meld/send your cards, then PPS will meld your cards as per the groups you had prepared.
  • If a player's cards have been meld using PPS, it would be displayed with a 'PPS' badge in the Result Window.

Terms & Conditions:

  • PPS will only meld/show the cards that you have grouped. PPS does not group the cards for you. So for PPS to work, please make sure your cards are always grouped to make the best possible hand with the least score. In the event of a disconnection in you rummy game, PPS will meld the cards for you as per the groups you had before getting disconnected.
  • Management is not responsible for any errors or variations in scores awarded that arise when PPS has melded the cards
  • Management is not responsible if PPS doesn't work in any game.
  • Management has the right to make changes or remove PPS at any point of time without prior notification.

Have a safe and secure gaming experience only at Classic Rummy. Play now to experience for yourself.