Points Rummy Game

How to Play Points Rummy Card Game

It is also called as Strikes Rummy. The first player to place a valid show wins the game. Player can set the Point Value for every game.

Points Rummy dasddd101/201 Pool
Players per table2 to 6
Maximum Loss (per round)80 Points
Wrong ShowLoss of 80 Points
Auto DropYes
Drop PointsFirst Drop - 10, Middle Drop - 30, Full Count - 80
Drop & MoveYes
Leave next gameYes

Points Rummy Rules:

  • Winnings = [Entry Fee X No of Players] - Classic Rummy Fee
  • The first Player who places a valid show is declared the winner
  • In a winning hand, one pure sequence and one impure sequence is mandatory.
  • With two decks in use, you cannot use the same card twice in a set.
  • If the players leaves the table in between the game, they will have to forgo their entry fee.
  • If a player is disconnected, autoplay feature will turn on for 3 rounds in a 6 player table and 5 rounds in a 2 player table and then game will be dropped.
  • Re-entry: In case the player exhausts their buy in chips, a re-entry option will pop up. Your balance will be updated after every game
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