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How to Play Points Rummy

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Points Rummy
Points Rummy - 13 Card Rummy Variant

What Is Points Rummy?

Points Rummy is the fastest rummy variant where players play for points which have a pre-decided rupee-value. Each game lasts for 1 deal only and one winner wins all the cash after the end of each game.

Points Rummy Rules

In Points Rummy, players play for points which have a pre-decided rupee-value. One winner wins all the cash at the end of each game.

Winnings = (Sum of all points that opponents get) X (Rupee value of the point) – Rake

Points Rummy Rules and How to count:

  1. Each game lasts for 1 deal only.
  2. Points have a pre-determined value.
  3. Each player brings in a minimum of 80 x point value.
  4. First Drop = 10 points; Middle Drop = 30 points; Full Count= 80 points maximum
  5. Jokers: 2 Printed Jokers and Card Jokers in all the rounds
  6. To win, you need:
    1. One Pure Life (Straight sequence without any Joker) - Compulsory, or else you get full count
    2. One more Life with/without Joker - Compulsory
    3. Remaining cards can be melded into sets of 3 or 4 cards. You can also have additional straight sequences with the remaining cards
  7. The player with a confirmed show gets 0; others get points that are a total of the deadwood (not used in valid runs or sets) cards that they hold.
  8. If you leave during a game, Penalty = Full Count X Entry Fee will be deducted.
  9. If you get disconnected, Auto Play will be available for 5 rounds in 6 player table and 10 rounds in 2 Player table , then the game will be middle dropped. During this time, if another player makes a successful show, the disconnected player will get 30 points.
  10. If you select 'Do not deal next game' checkbox, you will leave the table once the game ends.
  11. These points are calculated at the finish of every deal.
  12. The winning player gets Reward Amount = Total Points of all Losing Players X Points Value – Rake.