Classic Rummy Reviews By Our Players

Playing various rummy games with Classic Rummy can be an incredibly rewarding and amusing experience. But do not take our word for it. Here are some out of many testimonials by the regular players of Classic Rummy.

Ankush Dehane

Oneplus 7T Winner

Yavatmal, Maharashtra

I have recently started playing online rummy game with ClassicRummy mobile app and won oneplus 7T during grand prize draw. Classic Rummy is the best site that offers proper promotions and amazing game support. It is far better than any other rummy sites.


Navratri Tourney Winner

The best part about Classic Rummy is that it is much better than other websites like Ace******** and others. But this time, my happiness has doubled with the winnings as I won 10 Grams gold coins in Classic Rummy Navaratri tourney. The excellent view and impressive performance are only two reasons out of many to choose Classic Rummy. The numerous tourneys that have been lately introduced are a plus one. Offers like these are what makes Classic Rummy so special and makes me love it even more.


Consolation Prize

Pune, Maharashtra

The Classic Rummy site is beautiful. I love it because it is far better than other rummy sites in terms of looks, gaming and features. The best thing about Classic Rummy is that you cannot get bored as there are so many rummy variations to play. On top of it, the games come with comprehensive guides so that the player can quickly and easily learn how to play. I love the timely tournaments and offers organised by Classic Rummy!


VIP Ticket for Filmfare Festival

Bangalore, Karnataka

I have tried playing rummy online on various websites, but Classic Rummy delighted me immensely with its security features, HD gameplay quality and fantastic pot amounts. Customer service was always professional, kind and considerate and extended all possible help whenever required. From easy signup to numerous rummy varieties, Classic Rummy succeeds to impress at all fronts.


Classic Toppers

Dear Sruthi, I have tried many rummy official sites but out of them all, Classic Rummy is the best that offers proper game pattern and wonderful gaming experience. The transactions are 100 per cent safe and genuine and the support of the team is to their best. It is definitely my favourite rummy website.


Golden Pongal Offer

The primary element that draws me towards Classic Rummy is the security and safety features that guarantees full protection of my financial and personal data. To add to this, the smooth, high-definition and realistic rummy game varieties make the entire adventure even more enjoyable. Apart from the website, I even play rummy on the go on the mobile app and have never been disappointed. Love Classic Rummy and would definitely recommend it!


Navratri Specials Offer

Yesterday when I signed up at another rummy site just for trial and played 3 games, I immediately noticed the following elements- user interface, support, response, bonus, drop points etc. The stark superiority of Classic Rummy website was a clear winner in all of these aspects when compared to the other website. Congratulations to agents like Sruthi and David who always provided great support. I have firmly decided not to touch any other rummy website for the rest of my rummy experience.


Strikes wagerers

Classic Rummy is a great platform to enjoy rummy online, It’s one of a kind, hassle free website with easy to use interface. I tried rummy online on other sites but none of them offers the ease of playing and transacting at the same place. I thank you for your Idea of creating this wonderful site and bringing all the rummy lovers to one place to help us enjoy what we do. I wish the Classic Rummy team all the very best to conquer the world of online gaming!