Rummy Tournament FAQ's

1. What are tournaments and how they are conducted?

Tournaments are games played in multi – table in multi – level format with multiple winners at the end. Tourneys are conducted at pre – scheduled time which will be announced in the website with required terms and conditions.

    2. How many types of tourneys are available and what are they?

    Currently we have three types of tournaments:

    • Free Tournaments: Entry to these tournaments is free. Eligible players can register to the tourney for free and win real cash.
    • Cash Tournaments: Entry to these tournaments is with pre-defined registration charges. Players registering to these tourneys will be charged with an entry free which will be debited from available cash balance in rummy account.
    • Special Tournaments: These are special tourneys generally conducted on occasions or special days with or without entry fee.

    3. How do I register or unregister from a tournament?

    Go to the Game Lobby and click on 'Tourneys' option from the menu – select the tournament – click on 'Join' button and click Register.
    To unregister from a tournament under tourneys section select filter 'Registered' to find the registered tourneys list. Click on View and click 'Un-Registration' to unregister from a tourney.

      4. How do I take a seat in the tournament after it starts?

      The tournament game will open automatically in a pop up window at tourney scheduled time. To ensure that you get an automatic game pop up, do enable the pop up windows from Classic Rummy.
      If you are not online at tourney time all your turns will be dropped (initial drop) after the allotted time for the turn is finished. Once you are online the tourney table will start automatically only if LEVEL – 1 of the tournament is still running and you have sufficient tourney chips left to participate in the tournament.

        5. How are players seated on tables?

        Every table in the multi-table tournament can seat 6 players maximum. Based on the number of players for a round, players will be seated across multiple tables. The seating may also vary based on the number of players for a round.
        For Example: If there are 36 players in a round, then these players will be seated on 6 different tables with 6 players on each of the tables. Similarly, if there are 34 players in a round, then these players will be seated on 6 different tables with 6 players on 4 tables and 5 players on 2 tables.

          6. What are tournament chips and how are they given out?

          Every player is given a fixed number of tournament chips at the beginning. The tournament chips are refreshed for every valid show declared by a player. Based on tourney chips accumulation the tournament ranking and winners will be declared at the end of the tournament.

            7. What is the time limit for each turn and how the scoring done in tournaments?

            'Every turn is allotted with 40 seconds time and no extra time is given. You get 45 seconds for first turn and 30 seconds time from 2nd turn onwards. No extra time if not played in time.'

            Scoring during tourney will be as below:

            The first player to declare valid show is winner of the game and he gets 0 points.

            If game is dropped in the first turn (first drop), you get 10 points.

            If game is dropped after first turn (middle drop), you get 30 points.

            If wrong show is declared, he/she gets full count (80 points) and the game continues till a valid show is placed.

            If opponent places a valid show, as per the valid sets, sequences and melding of the cards, the cards which are not melded will be counted for score.

            Calculation of score for the players who do not win:

            The points will be counted for all deadwood cards - that is all the cards that are not melded in sequences or sets as per the rules of rummy.

            J, Q, K, A of any suite carry 10 points each.

            All other numbered cards carry the same points as their face value e.g. 8 carries 8 points and 5 carries 5 points.

            Joker cards (both printed and card) carry zero points

            If the losing player has not been able to meld a pure sequence, all cards are counted

            If the losing player does not have two sequences, but only has a pure sequence, only the pure sequence is not counted

            A player can get a maximum of 80 points. For instance, if a player's hand score is 85 he/she will still get only 80 points. But if a player's hand score is 75, he/she will get 75 points.

              8. How can I rejoin in a tourney?

              When a player is short of minimum required chips to continue the tourney an automatic prompt request for rejoin is given. Player need to confirm on rejoin within the allotted time for rejoin confirmation, failing to confirm player will be out of tourney due to insufficient tourney chips to continue.

                9. What happens if I’m disconnected in a tourney?

                When a player drops or gets dropped from his turn the drop score (Initial or Middle as applicable) is awarded and immediately player is moved to a new table for a fresh game.

                Player will not be kept waiting for the game to finish as every level of the middle of the game.

                If any of opponents places a show during disconnection time, cards will be melded as groped by player using PPS and respective points are given.

                  10. What Happens when I drop my turn?

                  When a player drops or gets dropped from his turn the drop score (Initial or Middle as applicable) is awarded and immediately player is moved to a new table for a fresh game. Player will not be wait status for the game to finish as every level of the tourney is for a fixed duration.

                    11. How are prize amount awarded?

                    The prize amount depends on the type of tournament and respective tourney terms and conditions.

                    For a tourney prior to the start of the tournament, the expected prize amount is displayed to players based on the maximum seats in the tournament. In case all seats are not filled when a tournament begins, the actual prize is calculated again based on number of players who have joined the tournament.

                    Based on the newly calculated prize, prizes are awarded to players.

                    In case of tie for prize positions, then the tied players will play a tie breaker game to decide on the proper prize position if required.

                      12. Do tourney winning have any validity and how can I withdraw my tourney winnings?

                      There is no validity for Tourney Winnings. A player can withdraw the Tourney Winnings at any time.

                        13. What are tickets?

                        Tickets entail free access to specific tournaments to players holding tickets.

                        In some tournaments, along with cash prizes tickets are also given as prizes or only tickets as prizes. These tickets can be used to join tournaments that allow you to use the tickets.Note: Tickets issued do not have any monetary value to them and cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred

                          14. What is Level Gap?

                          A level gap is the refreshing time or processing time between any two levels. During level gap a player can see an empty table with a countdown timer.

                            15. Why am I not able to register to special tourneys?

                            Every tourney has set of criteria which needs to be fulfilled to be a part of the tourney. Please check tourney instructions for more information about the criteria.