Technical FAQ's

1. What are the suggested system requirements?

To have a great gaming experience at classicrummy.com we suggest the below given requirements:
Your System

Our games have been designed to work on any reasonably modern computer without any need to install extra hardware or software. In case of any queries or if you are having trouble playing on Classic Rummy, do verify that your computer meets the minimum configuration given here:

  • CPU - Pentium 4 and above is recommended.
  • RAM - 512MB is recommended.
  • Operating System - We support our games on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 and above windows versions, as well as on Linux. Our games are known to work on Apple Mac computers as well.
  • Screen Resolution - 1024x768 is recommended.
  • Please use a web browser from our Supported Browsers list.
  • Please ensure that your Internet connection conform to the recommendations below.
  • Turn on your speakers to listen to Game Sounds.
  • Flash Player 11 or greater should be installed on your computer. To download the latest Flash Player, click here.

2.What browsers do you support now?

Our games are tested on Internet Explorer 7 and later, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and later and Google Chrome. Please note that:
Your browser must have Javascript enabled.
For the best gameplay experience, you should disable the Pop-up Blocker in your browser for www.classicrummy.com.
The latest version of Adobe Flash Player should be installed for your browser.

    3. What Internet Connection is required?

    For the best gaming experience on Classic Rummy, you need a speedy Internet connection. Your computer should be capable of connecting and downloading all data related to the game from our servers speedily and dependably. We recommend a high-speed broadband connection of 256 Kbps and above, with little or no packet loss and low latency to our servers.

    • On your Windows 2000 or XP computer, click on the "Start" button, and select "Run". Type "cmd" into the resulting window, without the quotes. A new window appears.<
    • Into this resulting window, type the following as-is: ping - n 10
    • After a few seconds, a summary of the connection statistics from your computer to our servers will be displayed.<
    • For the best experience, the loss percentage should be 0%.
    • Again, for the best experience, the average latency should be lower than 400ms.
    • Please be aware that the quality of Internet connection for playing multiplayer rummy games online should be much better than that for regular day-to-day Internet activities like browsing, email etc. Even a little degradation in the connection quality will have an effect on your Classic Rummy experience in a bad way
    • In case you face such a problem of degradation of playing experience, we recommend that you try playing again after 15 to 20 minutes.
    • We also recommend that if you are playing from a cyber cafe or otherwise sharing an Internet connection with others, then please ensure that no more than 4 people are logged in to Classic Rummy at once.
      Please note that the quality of internet connection required for playing multiplayer games online is higher than that required for browsing, chatting, emailing etc.

    4. What are Firewall and Port requirements?

    Classic Rummy's games are offered on TCP port 80 & 443. Our games are offered on HTTP Protocol

      5. Why am I getting error message "internet connection lost", "trying to re-connect"

      This message is seen due to interference in your internet connection.

        6. Why does it take a long time for the game to load?

        Please make sure that you are following the PC system requirements and the Internet connection requirements.

        Try to avoid opening other applications and other bandwidth resource intensive websites while playing on classicrummy.com.

        Eg: Email clients, Web based emails, Video Websites any other site which requires high bandwidth.
        We recommend you open classicrummy.com in one browser window and don't open any other tabs in the same browser.

          7. Still have questions/doubts?

          You can send an email to support@classicrummy.com or call 02250647322, our 24X7 customer helpline for any doubts/queries you may have regarding this matter.

            8. How to refresh the game lobby?

            The game lobby can be refreshed using short cut keys. Use below mentioned keys based on your OS:

            • Windows: F5
            • Linux : Ctrl + F5 / Ctrl + R
            • MAC : Command + R