Best Indian Rummy Site – How to Choose Guide 2019 [Updated]

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2020)

Rummy is a universally acclaimed card game. Its fame has crossed all boundaries, so much so that people are heading towards online platforms for enjoying Rummy.

Some people are getting so good at the game that they are considering to win certain bets in the game.

How to Choose the Best Rummy Website

Best Rummy Website –

There are many Indian rummy sites out there who take advantage of such players by fooling them and not paying them properly.

However, if the player makes a well-informed decision based on certain pointers that need to be kept in mind while selecting the best rummy site, playing rummy online can become an exciting experience.

List of factors to considered while choosing best rummy website:

1) Certification

RNG Certification for Classic Rummy Website

RNG Certification for Classic Rummy Website

Make sure that the site you are considering has been properly certified. It is always safe to check which rummy website is best with RNG certification. Certified Rummy sites can’t risk their reputation, therefore, they will always maintain a standard quality of services.

2) Customer Support

Classic Rummy 24/7 Customer Care Support

Classic Rummy 24/7 Customer Care Support

Make sure you pick a site with 24/7 support over chat, email, ticket and phone. Sites having good customer support addresses grievances quickly and prove them of being genuine.

3) Withdrawal or Payouts

Classic Rummy Withdraw Winnings

Classic Rummy Withdraw Winnings

Payouts are one of the most important factors to consider before trying out online rummy.

Make sure the site shows proof of recent payouts. Easy payouts are a sign of serious and genuine rummy online sites, that actual payout and not just use the customer to earn itself.

4) Game Variants
Availability of variants of all games is a necessity in an ideal rummy website. Only one type of game becomes monotonous and will make you move on to the next thing.

If a site is rich in game variations of rummy, it will have more customers and thus, will be more serious about payouts and customer service!

5) VIP Premium Support
VIP Premium Support is offered by only the most reputed & best rummy websites. VIP members will get Bonuses, invitations to events that are exclusive to only other VIPs.

Confirm your shortlisted online rummy website has a VIP support system!

6) Safety

ClassicRummy – Genuine Rummy Website in India

ClassicRummy – Genuine Rummy Website in India

Visit the site and make sure to browse every page available. Ensure that the website is all safe and secured.

You can see the above image, which says that “You are securely connected to this site“, most secured card game websites do have this kind of certificate, and if you don’t find the same in other indian rummy site, choose to walk out.

Your monetary information’s safety and security cannot be risked with.

7) Payment Options
A genuine rummy website will accept all types of payment options from a debit card, credit card, net banking, paytm, phonepe and other payment wallets. Apart from payment options, also look for a variety of withdrawal methods.

8) Ease of Use
One pointer of a trust-able rummy site is that it’s easy to use. The interface is inviting, confirming great user experience.

9) Accessibility
A plus factor for any real rummy website is that it’s accessible from any platform, be it desktop, tablet or mobile.


Classic Rummy Mobile APK

Classic Rummy can be accessible from all the platforms mentioned. Learn more about our best mobile rummy game apk.

10) Restricted
With the recent updates from Telangana Government and few other states, the online game with stakes are banned. Hence do also check this pointer with the rummy sites to ensure they’re not allowing these states when considering playing rummy online.

11) Responsible Gaming
You should be minimum 21+ to play rummy for cash, so while choosing the best Indian rummy site to play, have this one in your checklist.

Browse rummy customer reviews for every site you shortlist and note every point mentioned above. This will provide you a clear picture of the website and you can make an educated choice!

So choose the best rummy site in India and have a hassle free gaming experience.

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