Online Rummy Game Play Features & App Screens Guide

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2022)

Playing rummy at Classic Rummy App, where you get multiple benefits over the other similar apps floating in your play store or apple store.

In this article, we will cover, basics of rummy gameplay features and a screens guide of the rummy app i.e ClassicRummy.

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How to Start Journey with Online Rummy?

  • If you have already registered on classic rummy platform via desktop or mobile web,
  • you can log in with the same login details on the app and get started.
  • If you are new to our platforms, you can register with your details (E-mail, User Name, Mobile No, Password).

Rummy Game Play Features & App Screens Guide:

  1. Free Register/Signup
  2. Explore Cash Games
  3. Rummy Game Play
  4. Practice with Fun Games
  5. Refer and Earn
  6. My Account
  7. Add Cash
  8. Reports
  9. Promotions

Check out below, for more details!

Free Register/Signup

Registering to the classic rummy app and signing up is a hassle-free process. We made it as simple as possible to give our players a worthy experience.

As soon as you register, you are redirected to the Game Lobby to enjoy some unadulterated moments of fun and entertainment.

Explore Cash Games to make money

  • Playing card games becomes extra exciting as we offer rummy cash games contests for our players from time to time.
  • Once registered and logged in to the rummy app, you will be able to access these ‘Cash Game’ contests and grab the amazing deals on the way.
  • All that you have to do is choosing any rummy Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy and Points Rummy based on your preference.

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Rummy Game Play

On this tab, you can find complete step-by-step rules of playing the rummy game for beginners.

It is a complete and detailed guideline that will help you to expand your knowledge of the game and decide how to make the best moves.

Practice with Fun Games

  • If you are new to play card games and want to sharpen your skills before entering the real games, fun games are just the right thing to explore.
  • As soon you register and login to the rummy app, you will get the option of ‘Fun Games’
  • Just click the button and join on any rummy game variants.
  • So, first practice with fun games if you are new to play rummy and get complete know-how of the game,
  • Check your knowledge, and strengthen your skills to make a big win later.

Refer and Earn

At the bottom of the app or left side menu, you can find the ‘Refer’ tab, which gives you access to invite your friends.

By inviting, you will earn 1500 instant Cash + 20% bonus for each friend who joins the rummy game. (T&C)

It is indeed one of the most exciting parts of joining a new app, where you can invite your friends,

Play with them, and at the same time, get alluring bonuses with a free cash prize.

Learn how easy to refer your friends to rummy’s new app. This video includes a step-by-step process of how to refer to your friend on mobile devices.

My Account

  • On the left side of the menu bar, you can see the ‘My Account’ tab.
  • It will give you access to see your Profile (for E-mail & Mobile verification), KYC Update details, and you can withdraw the winning amount from this tab.
  • KYC update is essential to withdraw the amount you are earning by playing the game. KYC update is a simple process and can be done in seconds.

Note: For KYC Update, you just need ID Proof and an Address Proof.

Add Cash

On the top right corner, you have the ‘Add Cash’ button. By clicking on this tab, you can add cash to play real cash games.

There are multiple payment methods to add money to your account, and each one of them is hassle-free.

You can choose any payment methods like VISA, Net Banking, Wallets, and UPI Money.


  • On the left side of the menu bar, at the bottom, you can see the ‘Reports’ tab. Here you get three options viz., Deposit History, Withdrawal History, and Bonus History.
  • Under this tab, you can see the winning amount and deposited amount in detail.
  • It ensures that there is a transparent record of all the transactions you made with the rummy app.


On the left side of the menu bar, you have the ‘Promotions’ tab.

This tab helps to find out where you can get all the latest and exclusive offers going on the online rummy platform.

The Rummy Promotions tab is highly beneficial for every player as it provides different deals that we throw from time to time.

So make the most out of it to grab the alluring offers and make more money. 

Rummy Game Play Benefits:

  • Safe and Secure game
  • Easy to join and Free
  • Smooth, fast, and hassle-free gameplay
  • Multiple Payment Methods, 24/7 support team
  • User-Friendly Site, Multi Table Feature
  • Exclusive offers for our real-time rummy players

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Get Started to download rummy app, and play Anytime, Anywhere! Enjoy!

Key Points:

Playing Card games, no matter how old this game is, never goes out of fashion. People of all generations play it and love it to the core.

And since the time Classic Rummy has introduced, people are going head over heels towards it.

What else is all needed in this era of online gaming?

Every step, right from registering and playing the game, to adding the money and withdrawing it, ClassicRummy has excelled in every niche.

It has given the players a reason to fall in love with it. If you haven’t started playing it yet, give it a try, and we bet there will be no looking back.

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