Cashback Offer on Rummy TDS

Celebrate the lively spirit of June and seize your chance to win fantastic rewards. Jump into the fun and make the most of the summer excitement!


Ignite your excitement with an electrifying 10% Bonus on deposits from June 1-5! Use codes TDS5K/TDS2K/TDSK to unlock the thrill. Enjoy the JUNE Bonus back perks all month long. Don't wait - take advantage of this opportunity to boost your rewards now!

Offer details:

  • 1. Players who subscribed between June 1st and 5th will qualify for a 100% Bonus matching the TDS amount deducted from their withdrawals throughout June.
  • 2. The maximum TDS Bonus under this offer is INR 5000 for TDS5K, INR 2000 for TDS2K, and INR 1000 for TDSK.
  • 3. Additionally, players can enjoy a 10% bonus (up to a maximum of INR 5000 for TDS5K, INR 2000 for TDS2K, and INR 1000 for TDSK) on their deposits.

When will the bonus be deposited?

  • 1. The TDS bonus deposits will happen everyday
  • 2. The 10% Bonus shall be credited instantly at the time of deposit.

Other terms & conditions:

  • 1. Disbursement of TDS Bonus: If the TDS amount is less than 10, the amount will accumulate and the disbursements will happen only after the net TDS bonus (or) cashback amounts to more than Rs.10
  • 2. Pending Bonus Claim Period: The Pending Bonus must be earned (disbursed) within 2 days of adding cash during the validity of the offer.
  • 3. No additional chunks of the Bonus will be added after the Claim Period.
  • 4. Validity: The offer will be discontinued at any time by removing Offer details from the Website.