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Welcome Tourney

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Welcome Rummy Tournament

Joining Classic Rummy is more rewarding than ever!

If you are new to Classic Rummy, you are going to get delightful rewards daily.

Participate in our Welcome Tourney for FREE, try your Rummy skills & get started on your Winning streak!

Date: Everyday

Start Time:10 PM


Max Participates: 500 Players

What: Welcome Tourney
When: Daily at 10 PM
How: Participate for FREE within 7 days of registration & Play to start Winning!
Where: Join the tourney from the Welcome Tourney link

Reward Table for the Welcome Tourney

Position No of Winners Prize
1 1 ₹500
2 & 3 2 ₹300
4 & 5 2 ₹200
6 to 25 15 ₹150
26 to 50 25 ₹50

Terms & Conditions:

1. If a player is suspected / caught engaging in unfair activities, they will not be eligible for the promotion. The decision made as per the process will remain final.

2. All the rewards declared will be delivered in the same form to all winners, converting the declared reward to playable cash is not allowed.

3. You are eligible to participate in the Tourney within 7 days from the date of your registration at Classic Rummy.

4. Re-join Charges:

Level Rejoin Charges
Level-1 ₹10
Level-2 ₹20
Level-3 ₹30