What is Deals Rummy?

Deals Rummy, a distinctive version of Indian Rummy, is commonly enjoyed by 2 to 6 players as it presents a formidable challenge. In this game, a predetermined number of deals are played, as the name suggests. At the outset, each player is given a set number of chips. The player with the greatest number of chips after the last deal is declared the victor.

There are two variants in deals rummy, Best of 2 (BO2) and Best of 3 (BO3).

How to Play Deals Rummy?

Typically, one or two standard decks of cards, including Jokers, are used to play Deals Rummy. Before the game begins, each player at the table is allocated a pre-defined number of chips, and the number of deals is also pre-determined.

The objective of Deals Rummy is to create sequences, or sequences and sets. To make a valid declaration, a player must have at least two sequences, one of which must be a pure sequence. Once a player has arranged their cards, they can finish a deal by discarding their 14th card to the "Finish Slot" and declaring their hand. If the declaration is valid, the player wins the deal.

To start the game, a random toss determines which player will make the first move, and then 13 cards are dealt to each player. The remaining cards from the deck form the closed deck, while the cards discarded by players form the open deck, which is kept face up. On their turn, each player must pick a card and discard an unwanted one.

What is the Method for Calculating the Score in Deals Rummy?

Winner's Score: The winner of Deals Rummy is the player who successfully achieves the objective first and receives zero points. To determine the winnings for each deal, the following formula is utilized:

Winnings = (Entry Fee × Number of Players) - Classic Rummy Fee.

For example, in a Deals Rummy game with an entry fee of Rs. 10 for each player and two participants, if Player 2 declares their cards, the winnings can be calculated as:

Winnings = (10 x 2) - Classic Rummy Fee.

Losing Score: A "Deal Show" occurs when a player declares their hand before their opponent takes their first turn. In this scenario, the losing player's score is calculated as follows:

The losing player receives half of their total points. For example, if their total points are 40, they will receive 20 points.

The minimum number of points a losing player can receive is 2.

The maximum number of points a losing player can receive is 40 if their total score is 80 or higher.

There is a maximum limit of 80 points that a player can receive. For instance, if the total points of your cards add up to 100, your score will still be capped at 80.

Game Type Deals Rummy
Players per table 2
Decks 1
Maximum Loss (per round) 80 Points
Wrong Show Loss of 80 Points
Auto Drop Yes
Drop Not Applicable
Leave next game Yes
Re-Join No

Deals Rummy Rules

What is the "Drop" Option and How Does It Work in Deals Rummy?

In Deals Rummy, if you are dealt a weak hand or bad cards, you have the option to opt out of the deal using the "Drop" button. This allows you to exit the table without incurring a significant loss.

There are three types of "Drops" in Deals Rummy:

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