Rummy Game FAQ's

How do I register at Classic Rummy?

The process of registering at Classic Rummy is very simple. You need to enter the fields as per the signup form present on the home page and agree to the terms of use.

Why do I need a Username and password?

The Username is essential to provide you with a unique identification and Password is required to ensure that your account is secure and only you can login to your account.

Why do I need to confirm Email and verify Mobile after registration?

Confirming your Email is mandatory for you to start playing and for us to ensure that nobody is misusing your Email Id. Mobile number verification is essential for your account security and to send you important updates related to your account. We will credit promochips of 30,000 on verification of Email (15000 promo chips) and mobile verification (15000 promo chips).

What happens if I forget my password?

You can recover the password by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link and providing your Username or Email ID. The instructions for changing your password will be mailed to you.

How do I start playing rummy?

To start playing rummy, you simply need to click on "Play Rummy" button and you will be taken to the game lobby. Here you can select the game of your choice and join to play.

What are the variants available to play rummy?

The variants available are:

  1. This has one variant points rummy with joker
  2. Pool Rummy - This rummy variant has two options - 101 pool rummy, 201 pool rummy
  3. Deals Rummy - Deals rummy has two variants - B02 deals, B03 deals
  4. Rummy Tournaments - This has two options - Premium Free Tourney, Monthly Special Tourneys, Festive Special Tourneys

All these Pool, points rummy variants are available in both fun and cash versions

How do I join a rummy table?

  1. First select one option from – Fun Games/Cash Games/Tournaments
  2. Then click on the variant you want to play – Points Rummy/Pool Rummy/Deals rummy
  3. Then click on type of game:
    • Points Rummy - Joker
    • Pool Rummy - 101/201
    • Deals Rummy - BO3/BO2
  4. Then select your choice of table and click on the "JOIN" button to start playing the game.

How do I know when the game starts?

Once the required players have joined the table, there will be a countdown and each player will be given a card for determining the order of play. Once this is done, then the seats will be rearranged according to the order of play. After this the cards would be dealt to each player, a joker card pulled out and one card will be kept open.

How do I know when to play?

You will know your turn to play has come when the spotlight hits your seat and the countdown of the time left to play starts.

How do I sort my cards?

Once you have been dealt the cards, you will see a button with options to sort in the order of 2-3-4 near your seat. You can click on the button of your choice to sort your cards. If you click 2-3-4, your cards are sorted in sequences.

What are my options if my cards are bad and I want to drop from the game?

You have the option to drop from the game only in pool rummy and strikes rummy. However, you cannot drop a game in deals rummy. Rummy games. The points for dropping from a game will be applicable as follows:

Type of Game First Drop Middle Drop
101 Points Game 20 Points 40 Points
201 Points Game 25 Points 50 Points
Points Rummy 10 Points 30 Points

What is a sequence?

A sequence is any 3 or more cards of the same symbol in a continuous row.

What is a set?

A set consists of 3 or 4 cards of the same number but different suits.

When can I use a Joker?

You can use a joker to complete a sequence or set once you have melded a Life (pure Sequence) without Joker.

What happens if I discard a joker by mistake?

If you happen to discard a joker by mistake, the player next to you will not be able to pick it up.

Can I see what cards I have discarded and view the cards picked up by my opponent from the discard pile?

You have the option to view the cards discarded by clicking on the "Trash Barrel" image shown next to the Avatar of the respective player.

What if I require extra time to make my move?

If due to some reason you are not able to make a move within the allotted time you will be given 15 seconds extra to make your move.

How do I make a SHOW?

Every time you make a sequence or set you need to group the cards. Once all the cards except the 14th card are grouped, you can click on the 14th card and then click on show. Once you do that a declare button will appear. Check whether you have grouped your cards properly and then confirm by clicking on yes.

What happens if I make a wrong show?

If you happen to make a wrong show you will get the full count for the game – that is 80 points.

Can I continue to play free games?

You can continue to play free rummy games as long as you want to. There is no restriction on that.

Is it legal to play rummy for cash?

Rummy has been declared a game of skill by the honorable Supreme Court of India, making it perfectly legal to play for cash.

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