The Surprising Truth About Rummy And Its Online Comeback

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2022)
Secret Behind The Growing Popularity Of Online Rummy

Secret Behind The Growing Popularity Of Online Rummy

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Online Rummy Game

Many years ago, a set of card games gained popularity across Asia and North America. Of them, the birth of Gin Rummy in the nineteenth century was quite a turning point as it took gamers by storm. Billed as a “simpler form of playing cards,” rummy starts with 13 cards for players, who then strategize and discard the right cards to make the correct combinations.

With digitalization and the advent of a virtual world, rummy has taken a new shape in the form of online rummy. The rules remain the same — each player is dealt 13 cards each and must make a valid sequence. The love for rummy doesn’t seem to die down any time soon and its story is one every card lover should revisit. 

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The History Of Rummy

Conquian – a card game for two players – emerged in the 17th century and was initially played with Spanish, later with French playing cards. That is believed to be the first variant of rummy.

According to the most widely cited theory, rummy originated in Spain and soon spread its wings to Mexico or China in the 19th century. But first, Conquian — the game of cards that inspired rummy — traveled northwards to the USA. 

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How Rummy First Originated

Back in 1909, Elwood Baker from New York, a member of the Knickerbocker Whist Club established the first version of rummy and named it Gin Rummy. The name came up as rum was often the stake.

Another theory says that John Scarne, the popular card wizard, and author of many popular books on card games and gambling, believed that the game of rummy originated from the poker variant, known as Whiskey Poker. The name evolved to Rum Poker, then to Rum, and then to Rummy. Like John Scarne, many card researchers believe that Rummy has evolved from the game of Poker.

Rummy And Its Many Names

Originally ‘Rhum’, rummy first appeared in the 1900s and was described under names such as ‘cooncan’, ‘Khun khan’, and ‘colonel’. The word rummy, in American English, also means peculiar, weird, alcoholized.

The game gained popularity all across the globe in a number of names. In Austria, it is referred to as Rummy, but the locals call it Jolly. In France, it is Rami. Apart from Rummy and Gin Rummy, the game is also known as Canasta. Indian Rummy, popularly called ‘Paplu’ is much like the online version on the popular Classic Rummy platform. It is believed to have evolved from a South Asian Rummy variant called Celebes Rummy, also known as Rhuk.

How Is Indian Rummy Played?

It didn’t take much time for Indian Rummy to attain cult status, as no festival was complete without the game. The popularity of rummy card games was unmatched. A number of tricks and well-kept secrets took shape across households during festivities and family get-togethers. Most of the time, these card games were played for leisure, but adding money to them always made things more interesting.

To keep boredom at bay, a simple deck of cards was all one needed and it could be carried anywhere. From home card games to kitty party circles, the game gained tremendous popularity across all age groups. Over time, however, the popularity of the Indian Rummy declined. Game lovers started to find more popular card games online, and rummy suffered a setback, almost to the point of extinction.

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The Resurgence of Indian Rummy

The setback of Indian Rummy was short-lived. There was a huge resurgence in the popularity of the game with the advent of online platforms for rummy card games. Platforms like Classic Rummy revamped the game, offering card lovers an experience like never before with attractive prize money and other delightful offers. 

Technological advancement and innovative rules spurred the popularity of online rummy games. Not only has Indian Rummy regained its cult status but also faces a glorious future.

Online Rummy — A Game of Skill

Online Rummy was declared a “game of skill” by the Supreme Court of India, in 1968 (barring a few states). Superior technological interventions have ensured that money transactions on online gaming platforms like Classic Rummy are completely safe and secure. 

It also has 24×7 customer support to ensure a safe and hassle-free gameplay. This has led to online rummy games becoming a rage among both, old rummy lovers and new generation online gaming fans as well. In fact, the online gaming platforms invented new and innovative versions of online rummy, such as Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, and Deals Rummy on the Classic Rummy platform.

Online Rummy Games For Cash Prizes

Online rummy platforms have not only managed to regain the lost love for the game but also made it popular among many new players, who were hitherto unaware of the Indian Rummy card game. Platforms like Classic Rummy, have detailed and illustrated instructions to easily learn the various versions of the online rummy game (including the tricks in rummy). This includes detailed rules of the games with its many versions.

Online rummy platforms have taken the prize money bait to another level altogether. Classic Rummy organizes a number of tournaments with prize money worth crores to be won every month. Our website has promotions in the form of welcome bonuses, cashback, prize pool money, vouchers, no-entry-fee games, and monthly tourneys to excite the players. 

All these exciting benefits of playing online rummy cash games have led to the popularity of online rummy card games like never before. 

According to a report by KPMG, the number of online gamers in India grew from ~250 million gamers in 2018 to ~400 million gamers by the mid of 2020. This number shows no sign of slowing with more Indians getting online, downloading, playing, and paying for games every day. 

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