Enhance the Ways to Play Online Rummy and Win Real Cash at Classic Rummy

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)
Enhance the Ways to Play Online Rummy and win Real Cash at Classic Rummy

Enhance the Ways to Play Online Rummy and win Real Cash at Classic Rummy

Classic Rummy is a one-stop for all your rummy gaming needs. Today we’re focusing on Online Rummy and ways you can enhance play rummy to earn money.

Who doesn’t want to play their favourite games and when they please at their own convenience and if you do not have to pay anything yet have the same experience and winning then it’s always a win-win, isn’t it? ‘

Here are a few such games / variations available in Rummy and Free Rummy Variants Classic Rummy has to offer:

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Types of Free Rummy Variants Available to Play:

rummy variants

Pool Rummy:

This variation is quite popular and known to almost every player, it is also the longest variation out there. It comes in two formats: 101 Pool and 201 Pool. In this variation of Pool Rummy, players are supposed to pay a fixed amount i.e., the entry fee that later goes on to the prize pool of the game. 

Deals Rummy:

In this variation, players play with a fixed number of cards that are dealt to them i.e. a total of 13 cards rummy each are dealt out to the players. As the game begins, players are also given a fixed amount of chips that they can play throughout the game. 

Strikes / Points Rummy:

Strikes or Points Rummy is one of the fastest variants that are there in Rummy. One where players play for the points with a pre-decided rupee value. For example, whichever player makes the first declaration wins zero points including all the cash depending on the opposition’s total points. 

Playing for free is always a win but playing online for free and winning some real-time cash is like the cherry on the cake. Better up your ways by playing multiple ways of games and getting to pocket up some cash big time.

Check out how you can enhance your ways of playing Online Rummy yet win real cash at Classic Rummy.

refer a friend

Cash games always end up taking it a notch higher because the level of excitement, stakes, and intensity is indeed very high. At Classic Rummy we are always encouraging and giving out multiple ways for players to earn more while they play. We believe in Game and Gain you see 😀

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One such Cash Game that we are sure you’d like is the RAF Programme i.e Refer a Friend. In this, you can call all your friends to join the club and be a part of the Classic Rummy Family while you earn just by referring them to us.

Refer them to us using your email address and send them an invite via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or whatever, and when they register using the referral code is when you will actually end up getting Rs.1,500 Cash plus a 20% Bonus on Each Referral. 

Not just that you can also get a Welcome Bonus when you register and Join Classic Rummy! Not just on your first deposit but up to your third deposit you can earn a 100% Welcome Bonus plus Instant Cash. T&C Applies! 

There are also various Festive Offers and Deals where you can earn while you game and gain. Check out to know more – https://www.classicrummy.com/

Classic Rummy Tournaments Available to Play:

At Classic Rummy, the Tournaments are quite hype and more so because of how popular they are among all the players; The players absolutely love it as it has a whole new definition of thrill, entertainment, anticipation, excitement, wins, and whatnot.

These Tournaments/ Tourneys are both multilevel and multiplayer and at classic Rummy you shall find three such variations – Premium Free Tourneys, Monthly Special Tourneys, and Festive Special Tourneys. 

Twenty 20 Tourney:


Who isn’t aware of the 20-20? To keep up with its spirit and bring together a great blend, we have the Twenty 20 Tourney. With an Entry Fee as low as Rs.10, you can enter to play this Tourney and Win from Rs.15,000 within minutes- quite literally! 

Toll Free Tourney:


We are all kind of fed up with having to pay Toll, isn’t it? But what if we told you that this Toll is absolutely Free, but the returns are Huge? That’s right…! This is an everyday Tourney that goes live at Sharp 10 am and ends at 7 pm daily. So, enter with no fee, just your skills, and Win from Rs.20,000 daily. Woo-hoo!

Freaky Friday Tourney:

Fridays are always exciting as the week is coming to an end but not all of us have something planned for the night of the following weekend. Don’t worry as Classic Rummy has you covered. The Freaky Friday Tourney is here to freak you out by adding that extra zing by letting you Win from a lump sum of Rs.80,000- WOW! 

Mark your calendars for every Friday to Play the Freaky Friday Tourney at 3 o’clock. 

Oh! Did we tell you that the entry fee is Zero? 


Classic Rummy does adhere to the rules and regulations while also giving you a really good platform to enjoy your gameplay while obviously being responsible.

It is safe, secure, feasible, and guarantees utmost entertainment, thrill wins, and everything you’re looking for, that too at one place. 

To know more about all of this, the rules and regulations, how to play, and extra details, click here – https://www.classicrummy.com/play-free-rummy-online

Download rummy and we hope you have a good time and improve your ways of playing online rummy while also earning some bucks! 🙂 

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