10 Exciting Rummy Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2022)
10 Exciting Rummy Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

10 Interesting Facts Every Player Should Know

Interesting Facts about Rummy Game

Simple, fun, and packed with a healthy dose of challenge — the online version of rummy has quite a charm to it. However, the card game is not a new fad. It has been an integral part of our tradition since time immemorial. 

Popular among online gamers, Indian Rummy is not only a great way for recreation but also helps people earn money. According to a Statista report, the size of the Indian Rummy market will be worth $1400 million in the next few years. It is no surprise that the game will become a source of handy part-time earnings for many people.

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Rummy has many interesting theories associated with it and we bet you don’t know even half of them. Read on to know all the fun facts about the game that has taken the Internet by storm.

1. The Spanish Origin

A variety of theories circle around rummy attributing its origins in either Mexico or China in the nineteenth century. In RF Foster’s book Foster’s Complete Hoyle, the game was called Conquian. It was played with a 40-card Spanish deck.

2. The Chinese Connection

According to other theories, rummy is said to have originated in Asia, as a result of a Mahjongg variant named Kun P’ai that was Westernized as Khanhoo by WH Wilkinson in 1891.

Games scholar David Parlett suggested that the Mexican game of Conquian is ancestral to all rummy games and called it the equivalent of the Chinese game Khanhoo.

3. A Drop Of ‘Gin’ and ‘Rum’

Ever wondered where the name ‘rummy’ came from? Going by old theories, the British slang word rum, which means odd, strange, or queer inspired the name. Several other theories also say that the game Rum Poker contributed to the name.

A few historians also claim that Rummy came from popular card games like Bridge and Pinochle.

4. A Hybrid Of Gin Rummy and Rummy 500

Indian Rummy is also said to be a hybrid of Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. Popularly known as Paplu among card game lovers, the game has become quite a sensation in the country

5. More Than 60 Variations

Although Indian Rummy has been prevalent among Indians for a long time, online gamers will find more than 60 variations of the game. Each version comes with different terms and conditions — making it fun and engaging. On Classic Rummy, there are diverse variations like Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, Points Rummy, and Strikes Rummy, where you can choose the game according to your preferences.

6. The Rummy Record

Did you know rummy also helps gamers create path breaking records? If theories are to be believed, one gamer crossed the highest victory margin of 500 points. 

7. Positive and Negative Categories

Rummy gamers broadly divide the game into two categories: positive and negative. Melds are the points in the positive games, while melds and deadwood do not fetch any points in the negative game. Players only score negative points with the negative rummy, and the player’s objective is to acquire minimal negative points.

8. Become A Multitasker

Playing rummy is a great way to brush up your multitasking skills and gain the reflexes of performing multiple tasks. The players need to arrange their hands with logical card orders. Moreover, you need to observe the opponents and anticipate their moves.  

Observation is a key skill for rummy gamers as you have to observe the opponents’ moves. 

9. Learn Mind Reading 

Playing rummy improves your patience level and also helps you discern what your opponent is thinking or planning for the next move. The card game, hence, helps in understanding people better and makes you a mind reader!

10. Build A Sense Of Community

Playing rummy online has multiple benefits and one of them includes building a sense of community. Make new friends, learn new tips and tricks to play the game, and stay connected virtually.

Download rummy app and play the game without legal hassles. According to a judgment of the Supreme Court of India, rummy is a skill-based game. Therefore, people can apply their skills and earn money legally through the game.

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