Online Games to Play with Friends for A Virtual Hangout

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2023)
online games to play with friends for a virtual hangout

Online Games to Play with Friends for A Virtual Hangout

Best Online Games to Play With Friends

When it comes to having fun and maintaining friendships, there is nothing that can stop us!

So, what happened if we cannot meet our friends physically?

So, what if we live in different states or countries?

So, what happened if your friend is ill?

So, what if you are just lazy to get out of your house for that game night? It is all okay!

Because you have the best solution ready for it! Virtual Hangout with your friends! After reading this article we are sure you are going to say that online virtual games are the best.

“Check Out Some of the Games to Play Virtually!”

Online Games to Play with Friends for A Virtual Hangout
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It is a game launched by Ellen DeGeneres which is a perfect game for a party. It is from the creators of “Heads Up”, where you must catch your friends’ bluffs!

It is where trivia meets the human psyche! It can be considered as one of the best virtual game to play.

How to play Psych virtual game with friends:

The main idea behind this Psych game is to get together with a bunch of friends and choose from a variety of fun categories like Word Up or Movie Bluff, and then answer trivia questions.

The catch is the multiple choices you are given include the correct answer as well as a bunch of incorrect answers which are provided by the other players.

Feature’s Overview: Available on both iOS and Android, party game even on Zoom, outwit your friends & family, Bluff your way to the top.

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Boggle with Friends

Boggle with Friends blends the fun and nostalgia of the classic Boggle game with new, puzzling twists.

Players can chat and challenge family and friends in their quest to find words. You can play virtual games for free, and Boggle with Friends is one of them.

How to Play Boggle with Friends:

Create a match, challenge an opponent to three rounds of fun to see who can find the most words, COMPLETE DAILY & WEEKLY CHALLENGES.

Feature’s Overview: Challenge your friends, climb up your rankings, play in live tournaments, sharpen your skills, available in 9 languages, play offline too.


It is a virtual game to play with friends and family. An online Indian housie game which you can play with real players around the world.

Here multiple real players can play together. This Indian housie game can be played with one, two or three tickets.

How to play virtual games online free:

The in-app caller/dealer calls the randomly generated number/cue one at a time. The players mark off the numbers on their tickets as the numbers are called. The winner being the first person to mark off all their numbers of a winning combination.

Features Overview: Special Voice Chat Feature, Types of Tables, Tambola Party.

Classic Rummy

It is an online rummy game, which allows us to virtually play Indian rummy or 13 card rummy. It gives us the rummy experience and it goes beyond providing entertainment. You get to relive your experience of playing card game with friends and family through digital mode.

How to play online rummy games with friends:

Objective is to make the best combinations of cards in the form of Sets or Sequences. To win, one must declare first and then meld the cards in hand correctly. Online rummy game is played with two decks of cards consisting of 52 cards and 2 face Jokers each.

Feature’s overview: Welcome bonus, several leagues and tourneys, cash prizes, rewards and offers, refer your friends, easy payouts, safe & secure, round the clock customer support, easy & play virtual game online free.


It is a drawing & guessing game for your phone, tablet, or PC. Do your best to draw the word you are given while players from around the world try to guess it.

How games to play virtually:

Choose one player on your team to be the first drawer and roll dice to see which team goes first. The highest roll gets to pick a card from the deck and the category is chosen for everybody to guess. Once the card is drawn, the Drawer has 5 seconds before they must begin to sketch.

Features Overview: Best virtual game online, drawing, image recognition.

Heads up

This is a brilliant charades game & is also a hilarious game by Ellen DeGeneres that she plays on the Ellen show. From playing celebrity head, to singing to silly accents – it’s a perfect house party game.

How to play:

The party games start by picking a card deck category – check! Get your deck heads on by holding the phone to your glorious forehead like a headband, and 3, 2, 1! Go! Hold on and guess the words on the screen. Can’t guess? Skip to a new catch phrase and guess what’s up there.

Feature’s overview: Fun group games, draw a new game card simply by tilting your phone & head up, Diverse categories, play zoom games with friends, play virtual games with friends.

Neverwinter Nights

The Neverwinter Nights series is a franchise of role-playing games with a third-person isometric perspective. The systems of the games are based on the rules of Dungeons & Dragons, a table-top role-playing game developed by Wizards of the Coast.

How to play virtual games with friends:

It follows the same rules as Dungeons and dragons.

Feature’s overview: Re-engineered UI, Cross-Platform Multiplayer, Improved Graphics


UNO is now on your mobile device with new rules, tournaments, modes of play, and much more. Whether you’re at home, on the go, an UNO veteran or completely new, UNO! ™ has something for everyone in the family.

How to play virtual games online free:

Select from a variety of house rules, compete in tournaments, partner up with friends & family.

Features: Best virtual game to play, rule your room, buddy up.

Final Word:

The best virtual games are online and available to you for free! Then why not use it and make your days interesting and amazing!

A lot of fun and entertainment is waiting for you to hurry up and be ready for an online virtual gaming party!

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