Why Fantasy Games Growing in India and Reasons to Play Fantasy Games

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2023)
why fantasy games growing in india and reasons to play fantasy games

Why Fantasy Games Growing in India and Reasons to Play Fantasy Games

All of us have fantasies! Don’t we? But it is almost never possible to actually able to do things you fantasize about. It is just up to us to think, dream, and imagine our fantasies!

In that scenario of just being able to imagine your fantasies, what if someone gives you a chance to actually live in them? Doesn’t seem real, right?

Well, we don’t know about those big shot fantasies, but if you are just a regular guy thinking of owning a cricket team, being an actual player on the field, earning loads of cash without actually setting out a foot of your house, then we are sure you must love to fantasy games online like cricket, online rummy, and many other online games!

Some of The Top Reasons Why Indians Love to Play Fantasy Games Are:

Your skills are your Income:

Being a skillful, enthusiastic player is fun, but what if you get rewarded for it? The more you play, the more you win!

Not just points, but also cash! Your wins in fantasy online games are your chance to earn cash! Your skills are valued here!

Your fantasy world is a place, where you are the King/Queen, and your skills are for your benefit!

Thousands of people play every day and win every day! Who doesn’t love a game, where you can win cash prizes!

Strive for excellence:

When you know that your skills are going to help you earn more, it is obvious that you would practice regularly! These games, provide you with platforms for practice and learning!

For example, take games like Online Rummy, they provide you with free games and offers for regular practice!

Fantasy games give you room to get better at the thing you love! That is when you brush up your skills and strive for excellence! Fantasy games make you a better player!

Communication is not necessary:

Well, if you are someone who doesn’t like a one-to-one conversation, this is your best rescue! You can play with real people, without actually having to communicate with them.

Have your conversations, build your strategies with no need to speak to people, or following social niceties! For all those introverts doesn’t this seem like a jackpot to you!

Live your fantasy:

These games are the place where you actually get to live your fantasies! Everything you have ever dream of everything you love is ready for you!

Do you want to be the captain of your favorite cricket team? Do you want to own a team, make a team? You have cricket fantasy games for that!

Want to make use of those skills for a game of rummy? Want to earn cash by playing the game you love? You have many online rummy websites for that!

Make your fantasy, A reality!

The upgrades in technology have made everything so real and relatable! Software’s and the algorithm used by the gaming industry are now sophisticated!

It somewhere makes you forget that you are in a game! You start to feel like you are actually a part of the game! Who is up for a real experience of your fantasy?

It is completely legal:

Many people used to think that playing online games with real cash rewards is illegal!

But after a rise in awareness, people started realizing that is completely legal to play those games! That’s what has made fantasy games more lovable among Indians!

Productive use of time:

Free time is put to good use when you play fantasy games! You get to learn how to play new games, you get familiar with your devices and the internet more, you make good money if you win, you practice more and become a good player! That is the most productive use of time, you could ever do!


Were you able to relate to any of those reasons mentioned above? If your answer is yes, and you don’t play a fantasy game yet, then you are missing out on something huge!

You have found your reason to love fantasy games, now find a fantasy game to love according to your choice and preference!

If you have found it, then what are you waiting for? Just start with the gaming marathon already!

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