Which Rummy Game Variant Should a Beginner Play?

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2020)

“Every master was once a student”

It’s a very old yet very true saying. Everyone starts with very little or nothing at all. But when you have a plan, everything starts falling into place.

You have downloaded the rummy app and fully updated your profile. Where do you start?

If you are still a beginner, the best course of action is to follow our ONLINE RUMMY MASTERY PLAN that is the key to becoming a champion.

As a beginner, playing certain variants with a low-risk factor can help you understand the tone of the Rummy Game as well as it’s more intricate techniques of playing online rummy without losing money.

What are the Rummy Game Variants and techniques that can give a boost to your understanding of the game?

Online Rummy Mastery Plan:

Any goal can be achieved with a well-executed plan. Follow these steps to become a Master at Online Rummy Game.

Remember the Goal – to play better in the next game than the last. This increases your chances of earn more money too!

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Different Rummy Variations on ClassicRummy for Beginners:

  1. 101 Points
  2. 201 Points
  3. Best of two deals
  4. Best of three games
  5. Points Rummy with joker

Plan 1: Play Practice Matches

Practice Games’ to help you hone your rummy playing skills, so which site provides free Online Rummy Games.

practice matches

Classic Rummy app is the best platform to learn how to play as it offers the option of ‘Practice Games’ to help you hone your playing skills.

Practice matches require zero deposit and can be played without losing any money while you get better at rummy game.

How to Start Practice Games in Classic Rummy App?

  • To play practice matches, enter the ‘Practice Games’ page from the main page.
  • Then you can choose a rummy variant and start enhancing your gaming experience.
  • After understanding the techniques of rummy through practice games, you can now move on to play with low stakes.

Let’s start with Practice games at Classic Rummy, its free to play and easy to improve rummy game skills.

Plan 2- Play 201 Pool

As a beginner, having time to plan your next move is a wish come true. This holds true for the 201 Pool online rummy variant.

pool rummy

Why 201 pool rummy?

Time is everything, learning to play faster by playing slower is the key to training your mind to make faster decisions in the long run.

By Selecting 201 Pool Rummy Game Variant, you get an enough time to re-arrange your cards & plan your next move.

Pool Rummy
201 Pool Rummy
Players per table2 to 6
Maximum Loss (per round)80 Points
Wrong Show80 Points
Auto DropYes
Drop PointsFirst Drop – 25, Middle Drop – 50, Full Count – 80
Re-joinIf no player has above 174 points

How to Play 201 rummy variant in Classic Rummy App?

  • Open the ‘Cash Gamespage from the main page and select 201 Pool Rummy.
  • Select the number of players and the few before starting a game.
  • You can play this variant with really low stakes making this ideal for those with the goal of getting better at rummy.

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Plan 3- Best of 3 Rummy Variant

This rummy game variant is the ideal cause it gives the players a sense of confidence enabling them to make clear-cut decisions on their next move.

deals rummy

Always start with low stakes. Remember, mastering every online rummy variant is important to apply the techniques in the real game.

To play Best of 3 online rummy variant at classic rummy navigate to deals rummy from the cash games page.

Select the BO3 option, start playing and hone your online rummy playing skills further.

Deals Rummy
Best of 3
Players per table2
Maximum Loss (per round)80 Points
Wrong Show80 Points
Auto DropYes
Drop PointsNot Applicable

So, this variant helps player to give hope to win the game and always start with low stake, then why not give a try playing it.

Plan 4- Play Free Tourneys

You are now a master at practice games as well as low-stake variants. This is what you have been training for.

It’s time to play big. It’s time to raise your stakes and put your training and skills to the test.

Free Tourneys at Classic Rummy are the best way to get your hands dirty. With big money-making opportunities.

Free tourneys require no entry fee and give you a chance to win up to 20,000 rupees. Enter the Rummy Promotions on Classic Rummy and select a tourney with free entry.

Free Tourneys are available in ‘Free Rolls’ and most of the time in ‘Specials’. Select a tourney and start playing to win big money.

Register Now! before the player limit is reached. Now you are all set to make money with your skills.

Classic Rummy Tournaments
Tournaments at Classic Rummy
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The practice is always worth the result.

Final Thoughts: Best Rummy Game Variant to Play for A Beginner

Every good player needs to keep replenishing their skills. Hence, do not spend too much time on cash games if you are finding it difficult to win.

Go back to practice games and get back in the game with more confidence than ever.

You are now fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to become the online rummy champion.

So, open your Classic Rummy app and start playing!  Making money has never been this fun.

Follow the Rummy Plan for successful gameplay!

Happy Gaming!

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