Types of Rummy Players – Do you have this friend while playing Rummy?

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2022)
types of rummy players do you have this friend while playing rummy

Types of Rummy Players -Do you have this friend while playing Rummy

God knows when we will play a real serious game…

We are a bunch of crazy friends who are fond of playing rummy but with our own ideologies, imaginations, and rules.

Of course, we love rummy, and we love each other too… that’s why our silly fights over the game do not break us apart.

On the other hand, we end up with uncontrollable laughter and lifetime memories.

I find a different side of my friends every time it comes to playing rummy. I am sure your gang also has the same type of people. Let’s look at each one of them and describe their features.

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Look at The Types of People You May Find While Playing Rummy:

Friend A- Never satisfies

“Always cries for seating – he does not like to sit in this place”

never satisfies

He is the unsatisfied one. Right from the start, he keeps throwing tantrums in which the first one is the objection to seating.

He always thinks that his seating place has some unknown curse of losing. So, the first thing he does is cry for the place where he is and try to swap it with another player.

The rummy game starts with his grumpiness, which continues throughout the entire session. We find him cute, though!

Friend B- Cheater, cheater, pumpkin Eater

“One friend who always cheat while playing the rummy”


This friend always cheats. He becomes the biggest liar when it comes to playing the rummy game.

He is ready with his cheat sheet as soon as the game starts. You must be extra cautious while playing the rummy game with him.

From picking the card to dropping it, he could do unknown hocus-pocus that you will never understand.

Read his stance and be prepared for unknowns!

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Friend C- Blames the GOD

“who always curses god for not getting the right cards”

When this friend of mine does not know how to win, he starts blaming God for not providing him the best rummy cards.

blames the god

God becomes his punching bag, and he does not let any stone unturned to curse him. He is the funniest and keeps entertaining all of us in the entire session.

No matter how much he blames GOD, he is the gem of our gang with the purest heart, and even God knows that very well!

Friend E- The Spy

“who always looks into other friends’ cards”

the spy

If you are sitting beside this friend, believe me, he will know all about your cards.

He will sneak-peek into your cards without you knowing, and you might end up losing faster than you have ever thought.

He is the traitor among all, so beware of sitting next to him.

Friend D- The Theist

“One friend who always prays god before picking the card”

the theist

He leaves everything in the hands of the Lord. He is indeed the biggest theist in the group,

who takes the name of God right from the dealing of the cards to each time he picks a new rummy card.

He firmly believes that if someone could help him win, then it is none other than God.

So, each time when his turn comes, he folds the hands, chants some mantras, and then picks his Holy card.

It is so much fun to watch him!

Bottom Line:

So, what type of rummy player are you? These hilarious friends sum up our rummy sessions. Tag your friends when they behave the same while playing rummy.

So, you can make out how much fun we have each time we sit for playing rummy.

When you are playing rummy online games, just for fun! Notice the behavior of your opponent’s rummy players in your rummy table and place a strategy to win rummy game.

Having a crazy bunch of friends is like a blessing, no matter how much they spy or irritate you. Isn’t it?

Play better to Win More!

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