5 Online Games where you can meet New Friends

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2020)
5 online games where you can meet new friends

5 online games where you can meet new friends



Friends are the real treasure of life, and eventually, they become our chosen family.

A group of likeminded people mingling together is another kind of joy. Finding a friend in a person is no brainer.

All that you need is to have a similar mindset and enjoy the same things together.

This is the era of the internet wherein our search of friends is not limited up to college, neighborhood, or office.

While some games are playable alone, some are multiplayer online games to play with your friends.

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The Interesting Online games to play over the phone with a friend.

  1. Online Rummy
  2. Pubg
  3. 8 Ball Pool
  4. Ludo King
  5. Volleyball Hangout

So, here we are listing the five most popular and best online mobile games, where you can meet New Friends.

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1) Online Rummy

Download Now: Android | ios

Here the Online Rummy Game, that you can play against people, you have never known. One of the oldest yet highly entertaining card game of India,

Indian Rummy takes you to the world of multiple bounties. You must have seen your parents or grandparents playing cards in festivals like Holi or Diwali.

But you are a millennial, people preferring everything digital. So download the Indian Rummy app on your mobile and start playing with other online buddies.

You must put your cards in the right sequence by applying the right tactics and strategies to win the game.

Apart from giving you an Online gamer friend or playing partner, this game also blesses you with rewards in the form of real cash.

To play rummy online game, you need atleast 2 players. If any one of your friends interested to play rummy game with you,

just signup or login into classic Rummy app and refer your friend to play online rummy.

How to play online rummy games with friends?

  1. Sign up or login to online rummy game
  2. Click on refer your friend tab and
  3. Share to your friends
  4. Play rummy with friends – Anytime, Anywhere

What else do you want?


Download Now: Android | ios

You might be living under the rocks if you haven’t heard about the game PUBG. Lately,

it has become one of the most played and popular multiple player games online that takes you to another world.

A fascinating battle royale game, PUBG drops you down to an island where you must collect the weapons and fight to become the last man standing.

There are different modes in the game like solo mode, duos mode, squad mode, a newly added arcade mode, and even a night mode in Erangel.

All that you must do is team up with your friends and fight for a Chicken Dinner.

3) 8 Ball Pool

Download Now: Android |ios

8 Ball Pool is a Miniclip’s online game that is fondly played among the game enthusiasts.

At one time, it got the privilege to become the most played online multiplayer game.

You can find a lot of people who are interested in playing this Pool game with other players online.

With the simple concept of directly stimulating the 8 Ball Pool experience in the mobile,

it becomes an interesting game to get your hands on. If Pool is something you are into, try 8 Ball Pool for a refreshing experience.

The digital world has blessed us with multiple platforms where we can find friends for life”

4) Ludo King

Download Now: Android |ios

Another fascinating game in the row is Ludo, which will definitely take you to your childhood memories.

Once played in almost every household, Ludo made a grand comeback when introduced as an online game.

This classic board game is perfect for playing with other players waiting for you to come online.

The concept of the game is the same as played on the board. You have to through the dice and move your colored token,

in the forward direction to cut other players token and reach the endpoint. So, download it now and get rolling!

“Best online game to play with friends, Play and Enjoy!”

5) Volleyball Hangout

Download Now: Android

Do you love playing volleyball? If yes, this wonderful game is just for you.

Volleyball hangout is an exciting beach volleyball game that you can play in multiplayer mode.

Go toe-to-toe with your friends and join an exhilarating match. In volleyball hangout, you have to position your worm and hit the ball.

Moreover, you can also pick one among the variety of worms for hitting the ball.

This game will help you connect to a number of people who are waiting for you to come and join the match.

End Note: Multiple online Games with friends

However, there is one place that is highly niche-specific and will land you to your type of people.

Here we are talking about the online gaming platforms, as we already know that there are multiple games floating on the internet.

Once you log in, you can see many people playing the same game and looking for online partners to play along.

You can play the game and connect with new friends. Isn’t it fascinating?

These are some of the most popular, exciting, and best games to play for connecting new friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your phone, open the play store, download the game, and make new connections.

Who knows who will end up getting the best friend of your life?

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