Have a Great Sankranti with Prizes worth Rs. 8.8 lakh!

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2022)

The first festival of the year, Makar Sankranti, is here.

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And, Classic Rummy is set to celebrate it with you all! But, before we get to that, here are some interesting facts on Sankranti festival.

Celebrated as per the solar calendar, Makara Sankranti literally means the transit of sun to the zodiac sign of Capricorn. This happens to be the first of zodiac transits after winter solstice. It marks the end of winter and beginning of the month of Magha.

harvest time

The festival celebrates the harvest of winter. Called by various names, it is known as Uttarayan (journey of sun in the northern hemisphere) in Gujarat, Poush Sankranti (end of Poush month) in Bengal, Pongal in south India, Khichdi and Maghi in several parts of North India.

sankranti sweets

Festivals are incomplete without sweets and delicacies. And, people across the country commonly prepare sweets using til (sesame) and gud (jiggery) during Sankranti. Apart from that, festive food includes regional fresh produce such as sugarcane, rice, nuts, radish, etc.

flying kites sankranti

And, of course, the sky patched with colourful kites is a common sight on this day. Flying kites is an integral part of festivity. Apparently, flu, cold and other such diseases were widespread during winter. So, they would wake up early on Sankranti to soak up the sunlight and get rid of the germs. Eventually, flying kites became an easier and fun way of doing that ritual.

Grand fairs (mela) can be witnessed in some parts of the country on this festive occasion: Sagardweep or Gangasagar mela in West Bengal, end of Shabrimala pilgrimage in Kerala, Kumbh Mela in UP which occurs once in every 12 years.

Even today the message remains the same: Forget and get past the bad times and all negativity, as you welcome the auspicious time and get ready to bask in happiness, fortune and wisdom!

May all things good come to you just like this fantastic festive offer from Classic Rummy.

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Offer period: From 12th to 15th Jan, 2018 only

Have a Happy & Blessed Sankranti!

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