Best Multiplayer Online Mobile Games for Android / iOS [Updated 2023]

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2023)
Best Multiplayer Online Mobile Games for Android & iOS

Best Multiplayer Online Mobile Games for Android & iOS

Are you Hardcore Gamer? Here we have listed some multiplayer online mobile games for Android & iOS (iPhone) to play with your friends.

Top 8 Multiplayer Games to play with friends for Android/iOS

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Muffin Knight Jump to details Android | iOS
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Arcane Legends Jump to details Android | iOS
Pocket Legends Jump to details Android | iOS
Cubemon Jump to details Android | iOS
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Indian Rummy

Rummy is an amazing card game, now is easily available Online. If you’re looking to play rummy, then Classic Rummy is the best.

This site has amazing offers, prizes, and promotions that are given to real rummy players.

Download rummy and indulge in an easy, relaxing game with awesome graphics and kill boredom.

indian rummy game

How to:
  • Download rummy app(Android or iOS)
  • Register for free
  • Verify your email & phone number
  • Choose one of the games you want to play
  • Safe, secure, and rewarding rummy game!

Rummy game is the best multiplayer game for both Android and iOS, here additionally you get paid for inviting your friends, to play rummy games.

Muffin Knight

Well, if you have a fascinating soft corner for the bizarre kingdom games, then this is the right choice for you.

The arcade is all about a tiny boy is the hero, and he is lost in a dense forest.

He would then find a house where a fairy would turn the boy into a monster by feeding him a muffin.

The goal of the game is to destroy the curse with the help of the fairy.

muffin knight

How to:
  • The download link is given above (Android or iPhone)
  • Select either single-player or multiplayer games
  • Invite your friends or else play the game with other people

Download Muffin Knight for free on your Android or iOS mobile devices, Play and Start killing enemies, enjoy!

Fun Run 2

Fun Run 2 is a cool arcade game that features a multiplayer race feature with amazing maps and a system of player selection.

The graphics are adorable, and you can use bonuses to gain speed quickly in the race for your advantage.

Play it on either smartphones or tablets from anywhere and at any time you want.

fun run 2

How to:
  • The download is given above link (Android or iPhone)
  • Register for free and signup with Facebook or e-mail
  • Invite your friends or else play the game with real people

Download the new version of Fun Run2 multiplayer online mobile game on Android or iOS, Have a Fun!

Arcane Legends

Arcade Legends gives you the chance of getting your own little piece of the fantastic world, and the game fits all models of mobile phones, including Android and iOS.

You must go through a lot of dungeons where you can find and collect treasure while you spot valuable animals and unite with them just like-minded people.

The game is constantly updated, and it has simple controls that can be downloaded for free.

arcane legends

How to:
  • The download is given above (Android or iPhone)
  • And then click on the install button
  • Arcane Legends is ready to play!

Pocket Legends

This is one three-dimensional multiplayer online role-playing game where you must choose between three characters as Archer, Enchantress, and Warrior.

Each character has its own unique abilities, and there are beautiful graphics and easy controls.

pocket legends

How to:
  • Free to download and play
  • The download is given below link (Android or iPhone)
  • With 100 levels of multiplayer Android and iOS game
  • Invite friends or Play with others


Made in minimalistic style, Cubemon is a dynamic mixture of Tower Defence and real-time strategy.

The elegance and simplicity are the most interesting features of the game.

There are single-passing mission and multiplayer modes that make the game more exciting and wonderful to play.


How to:
  • The download is given below link (Android or iPhone)
  • You don’t need to register or sign up

Chess Time

This is the mobile version of the well-known game with multiplayer capabilities.

Almost everyone knows the rules, and the players can have the opportunity to try their hand at the electronic version of chess after the registration to access all the opportunities on the internet.

chess time

How to:
  • The download is given below link (Android or iPhone)
  • Easy to invite friends

Doodle Army2: Mini Militia

This is one of the most popular games that feature excellent quality group confrontation while playing in multiplayer mode.

6 to 12 players can participate at the very same time, and you can observe all the details of the destruction and explosions that happen in the game with the sensational shooters of the Doodle Army.

mini militia

How to:
  • Download the Doodle Army2: Mini Militia multiplayer game on your Android/iOS device (Given links above)
  • Choose any game mode and
  • Create a room with your friends

Final Thoughts

Choose any one of the games above, start and play multiplayer games with your friends and make new friends.

If you think that your friends can’t agree with you on whether Android is better or iOS is for mobile gaming, then you don’t need to worry because these online games can be played on both Android and iOS.

If you are really into playing multiplayer mobile games on Android and iPhone, then you can always start here!

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