Is Online Rummy Legal in India: A Safe Or Unsafe Bet?

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2022)
online rummy is legal in India

Is it Legal to Play Online Rummy in India? Absolutely!

In the year 1968, The Supreme Court of India mentions that any Game that requires Skills is legal. Irrespective of the game having monetary involvements or whatever, as long as it is not a game of chance it is legal. And now to answer the question of whether online rummy is legal in India then, yes, it is legal and it is also protected by the constitution of India. 

Now, irrespective of all this being said loud and clear, there are many of us who have a bunch of queries, assumptions, and reasons to worry about something or the other. For instance, the rummy legality, fairness, and judgment of online Rummy cash games, the safety of your money, finding a safe and secure online rummy app, and many more. 

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Many of us kinda get mixed up or confuse Indian Rummy and its online cash games with betting. But, the main difference between both these games is that Rummy is a Game of Skill, and Betting is classified as a Game of Chance. If you were one among them who did have this doubt then hope this helps clear it out. Since all of the major queries and concerns about the legality are addressed and you’ll know that playing rummy online is one hundred percent legal so let us also tell you that yes, it is a safe bet! 

Here is why Indian Rummy is a Safe Bet-

  • Being 100% Legal
  • Uses a Safe & Secure Platform 
  • Responsible Gaming 

1) Clarity of Rules 

Once you find yourself a platform or an online rummy app that is 100% authentic, legal, safe, and secure then you can rest assured that there is a set of rules and regulations that is followed and players are supposed to follow. People or players have been used to or familiar with the traditional way of playing Indian rummy but with time we’ve evolved and graduated to the digital medium where everything is present online and at the comfort of our fingertips, quite literally! Somewhere, these rules or guidelines have helped in the transition from traditional rummy to playing rummy online. Why? Because, the clarity given or the measures taken are pretty clear, precise, and to the point. 

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2) Does Not Alter the Gameplay || Fair Distribution of Cards

The game of Indian rummy is a game of skill that uses cards to play and the winning too is entirely dependent on those cards! Therefore, it goes without saying that a fair distribution of cards is quite essential and of prime importance. 

At Classic Rummy, there is no foul play or any sort of confusion when it comes to this aspect or even anything else that may be a cause of concern for the players coming on onboard or those who are already a part of it. 

From the point, the game begins to the shuffling and dealing of cards until the calculation of the points, everything is done in a very fair and square manner. There is no human intervention in this process and to ensure this happens with ease Classic Rummy uses automation known as the Certified Random Number Generator (RNG) to protect any alteration in the gameplay!
Now you must be wondering how and why this automation RNG come into play or the role it has in the online rummy card game or the fair distribution of cards. This helps majorly because this automation is an international software that makes sure the outcomes are very random and generic. This basically means that nobody really knows what kind of cards would be dealt or whether or not you will get a good hand at the cards etc.

3) Safe & Faster Withdrawals 

Obviously Indian rummy does involve cash; there are cash games and tournaments that let you deposit a certain amount in order to play and then you also get to win cash rewards and bonuses. Anything that concerns money is important and taking risks or chances with that doesn’t make any sense at all. There are games you can play for free as well as there are games that have you pay a certain amount of money as part of the entry fee which is minimal. Now, when you put in your money, you also get to win and take back money so having a system that lets you withdraw this reward without any hassle is key! 

Classic Rummy also provides a safe and secure medium for withdrawals and is also known for how fast they are. So, you can withdraw it in minutes without having to waste any time and energy, ta-da!


Put all your concerns and doubts to rest now and start playing online cash games if you haven’t already. Download the rummy app of Classic Rummy and enjoy yourselves to the fullest with getting the maximum thrill, entertainment, and a lot more. Classic Rummy is sure a safe bet with having the most secure, safe, and regarding platform to provide for everyone out there 😀


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