6 Best Online Android Games to Play in 2023

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2023)
Best Online Android Games to Play in 2020

Best Online Android Games to Play in 2023

This New Year, Are you boring with your old games? We came up with the latest Entertaining games for Android Mobile to play in 2023.

Your play store is an ocean of game apps that you can download any time and enjoy playing. However, once you explore this ocean, getting puzzled about what to download is another dilemma.

There is a bountiful choice of wonderful games in the Android Play Store. And since the time Android Gaming has gone bigger, there is a game that suits everyone’s taste.

Here we have hand-picked best online android games that will keep you engaged and entertained at home or on the go.

Best Online Android Games to Play in 2023:

  1. Indian Rummy
  2. Bouncing Buddies
  3. Om Nom: Merge
  4. Very Little Nightmares
  5. Monopoly
  6. Alto’s Odyssey

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Indian Rummy


One of the most interesting card games of all time, Indian Rummy, is not only engaging but rewarding as well.

Rummy Card game is for Entertainment, just register and plays online rummy.

How to Play Online Rummy Game:

  • Download classic rummy app
  • Register for free online rummy
  • Choose one of your favorite game and
  • Play online rummy and win more!

Who doesn’t want to play and, at the same time, make a few bucks out of it? Well, if you are on, download rummy and start having some real gala time with the cards.

Use your mind, strategize, and with the right rummy skills, bring your cards to the correct sequence. It’s a ‘game of skills,’ and we know you have got that in you!


Features Overview:
  • Simple to Use
  • Unlimited Rummy-Games
  • Real-time updates
  • Real player games 24/7 support

Bouncing Buddies


Not a very premium game, but Bouncing Buddies gained popularity as a wonderful and engaging runner style game. If you are fond of such games, Bouncing Buddies is meant just for you.

Swipe right and left to overcome the obstacles, bounce at the right spots, and complete the levels.

This game comprises 40 levels that keep on getting hard. With great graphics and a bouncy soundtrack, this game has everything that will hold your excitement.

Features Overview:
  • Creative Game and Runner style game
  • The game includes 40 levels

Om Nom: Merge


It is a fun game where you play as a monster who loves to eat. Basically, you are a hungry monster in Om Nom: Merge, and your goal is to increase your flock.

Add more monsters, combine them to create even more ravenous beasts, and relish the fruits as much as you can.

It’s a kind of game that you can play happily with your kids and have some sporting time with them.

Features Overview:
  • Om Nom Merge for both iOS and Android
  • Entertainment Game
  • Free to play and Cute Idle game

Very Little Nightmares


If adventure is your genre, Very Little Nightmares will keep you entertained for long hours.

There are elements of horror in the adventurous puzzle wherein you help a girl in a yellow raincoat to escape and survive against paranormal bodies roaming all around.

You have to solve the puzzles coming through the way and process the way forward. Wonderful graphics and a nice storyline are the USPs of Very Little Nightmares.

Features Overview:
  • Puzzle Platformer
  • Fast and Single-player game
  • Five Chapter game and mobile safety game



Just like Indian Rummy, Monopoly is another mind game that now you can play on your mobile.

It is a classic board game that includes a house rule set. You can pick some common house rules in the same way you pick them while playing on the board.

The best part is you can play it alone or in multiplayer mode with online opponents.

The only gripe is the slow gameplay that might make the players repulsive. Other than this, there are no complaints, and the game is pretty decent.

Features Overview:
  • Great Board game
  • Multiplayer game
  • Quick mode and a Premium experience

Alto’s Odyssey


Since the time Alto’s Odyssey got popular on iOS, developers were trying to make the android version as well.

And now that it is available for the Android mobile, you can download it and have some fun time playing it.

Unfold the mysteries of the desert by exploring the beautifully designed levels and grind across the vines.

You will also encounter hot air balloons to bounce and discover the mystifying desert.

Features overview:
  • Easy to play and user experienced game
  • For both Android and iOS

Bottom Line:

So, these are some of the Most Entertaining Games Apps for Die-Hard Gamers with which you can get high.

Keep your gaming spirit on the peak and enjoy some thrilling hours with your mobile. Enjoy!

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