Why Are Traditional Indian Card Games So Popular?

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)
The Ever Growing Popularity Of Indian Card Games

The Ever Growing Popularity Of Indian Card Games

India’s Favourite Card Game Rummy Has a Rich History

Card games have been a favorite indoor game for people worldwide for many years. According to historians, ancient Europe first introduced playing cards around the 1370s. However, some experts also believe that cards originated in China first, and traveled all the way to Europe and other parts of the world.

In a pack of playing cards, you will find a total of 58 cards, including two jokers, and there are more than hundreds of card games. In India, people play different types of card games. If you want a game with a combination of luck and skill, Rummy and Bridge are the most suitable options.

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The popularity of Indian rummy has created quite a storm in the virtual world. Besides playing the game for recreation, people can also earn money and connect with many from the gaming community.

The Origin of Rummy

Rummy has many variations as the game is played with different rules in different geographic regions. For example, you will not find Indian rummy rules similar to the game rules in other countries. Therefore, experts are divided on the origin of the game. While many people believe the game originated in Spain, others think this skill-based card game originated in ancient China.

However, most historians and experts approve of the Spanish origin of the game. From Spain, it has traveled to different North and South American places. The game eventually became quite popular in Mexico as Conquian and Khanhoo in China.

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Is Rummy a Descendant of Poker?

Ever wondered if the game of rummy was inspired by poker? Well, it might as well be true. The online rummy game you play today may have come from poker, an indoor game that involves skill and luck. 

More specifically, rummy has evolved from Whiskey Poker. Experts have noted many similarities in these two games. However, historians had also found that people played Whisky Poker even before rummy originated. Therefore, Whiskey Poker can easily be the ancestor of the Indian Rummy too.

Origin of the Name

Nomenclature tells a lot about the origin of a particular thing, and the rummy card game is no exception. According to historians in Europe, Rummy has come from the British slang word rum, which means odd or queer. People in Britain have traditionally found the game interesting for recreation. But, at the same time, they also played the game to earn money through it.

During colonial times, Rummy came to India along with the British rulers. However, some experts also believe that Indians used to play the game even before the British colonial rulers arrived in India. According to a few experts, Rummy may have come from rum, an alcoholic beverage. However, most historians disapprove of the theory.

The Asian Origin Theory

While European historians claim that rummy is a Europe-originated game, Asian historians have come up with some other origination theories. Asian historians think that people in China had first started playing Rummy instead of people in Spain. Many even claim that Mahjong, a Chinese card game, is the ancestor of Rummy.

Mahjong and Rummy are not completely the same, even though they have many similarities. For example, both the games have the same technique of drawing and discarding the cards. Indian Rummy is also known as the descendant of Mahjong, as China and India had good trade and cultural relationships in the past.

Typically, Indian Rummy is 13-card rummy, as thirteen cards are required for playing the game. However, the same does not apply to Gin Rummy, popular in Mexico. While Gin Rummy is played with 52 cards, other versions of European and American Rummy have been played with three to seven cards. Therefore, it is unlikely that the Indian card game is an evolved version of the Spanish or American Rummy.

The Modern Version of Rummy

In the world of digitalization, all game versions have become more or less popular among people living in different parts of the globe. For example, a person in Europe can perform Indian rummy download and play the game.

However, the thirteen-card Rummy is more popular among Indians today. You will come across many trusted gaming applications to play the game and earn money. Classic Rummy is one of the most secure platforms where you can play the game and explore an exceptional opportunity to earn money. 

The Legality of the Game

Online gamers often become concerned about the legitimacy or legality of online card games. However, according to the Supreme Court of India, Rummy is a ‘game of skill’ and not a ‘game of chance’. Therefore, earning money by playing rummy is legal. Download rummy app and start playing today to win cash and sharpen your gaming skills. Anyone above the age of 18 can legally play and earn through this popular card game.

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