7 Best Movies to Watch Based On Card Games

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2023)

In a world full of entertaining movies, it is easy to find your niche and just keep watching movies that interest you.

One of the most interesting categories of movies are based on card games.

Movies to watch Based On Card Games

7 Movies to Watch Based On Card Games

Best Movies Based on Card Games

Here are the top 7 best movies you should watch if you like action, adventure, romance, basically any genre of cinema because it’s all included in movies that involve card games.

Minor spoilers ahead, not enough to spoil the fun of watching these movies though so continue reading in peace!

1.Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

lock stock smoking barrels playing card game

Like all crazy nights to remember, a group of friends is the main plot of this movie!

The movie revolves around an initially well thought out plan where Eddy, Tom, Soap, and Bacon put together $100,000 for Eddy who’s what they call a card shark and can only double their money

if not triple it, but, like every sure-to-work plan this one falls through and the entertainment level for the viewers increases with every difficulty they face and every plot twist!

2. 21 Movie

21 movie

Getting into MIT can be the entire plot of a movie but imagine a movie where a bunch of very smart people study and figure out a way to kill it at Casinos?

Yes, that’s the base for the movie 21, a group of really smart students under the guidance of their teacher learn to count cards and mysterious signals and they make a substantial amount of money.

The plot thickens when the protagonist Ben gets extremely influenced by that life and loses sight of his main goal to raise money to get the scholarship that covers his tuition fees.

Just like the movie, don’t we all have something we feel is not our cup of tea and then once we taste it we can’t ever look back?

3. Casino Royale

Casino Royale

Imagine an international spy with his license to kill and money to spend in a casino playing a high stakes tournament?

It’s got entertainment guaranteed! The Casino Royale movie revolves around a very high profile game organized by the antagonist of the movie by the means of which he tries to rebirth the fortune 007 destroyed.

Bond dodges past all the obstacles that come his way and manages to accomplish his mission,

granted there’s a lot of high fueled action and drama that occurs in between which makes this movie one of the all-time favorites in both the James Bond movie series and best movies based on card games.

4. The Hangover

the hangover movie based card gameon card games

An erratic sequence of events followed by a night so eventful that the morning after is more of a trip down memory lane to remember what happened on that crazy night.

Such is the plot of Hangover, a movie imprinted on our minds for the level of craziness that followed after a very eventful night at the casino.

When the group of 4 is reduced to a trio and the person who’s missing is getting married in a few hours the friends have to defy all odds and

make sure their missing friend is first found and then get back in time for his wedding.

If you plan to watch this comedy anytime soon please do so with the warning that there will be more than a few laughs during the duration of the movie and a few after, after all, they manage to do is kidnap a tiger!

5. Ocean’s Eleven

ocean 11 movie based on card game

Fueled by the thought of getting back at foe for personal reasons and make $160,000,000 in the bargain seems like more than a fair idea.

Here’s the catch though, getting back by robbing one of the most heavily guarded casinos is not only difficult but also requires more than one person.

With the help of his friend Rusty, Danny recruits 8 highly trained criminals and they start planning what can only be described as the heists of all heists.

Meticulous planning and pinpoint precision lead to the biggest payday all 11 people involved in the heist and since their leader’s name is Danny Ocean they’re called Ocean’s Eleven.

Excited to watch how the events unfold? The movie will not disappoint after all the success of this movie brought about three sequels!

6. California Split

A light-hearted movie with generic plot twists enacted with such enthusiasm that it re-invites you to watch the movie multiple times.

There’s no big surprise involved, two unlikely friends develop their friendship on their mutual love of card games, while one of them is totally immersed into that lifestyle, the other is just finding his way in this lucrative lifestyle.

They encounter trouble as everyone eventually does when they don’t know what they’re doing in a world where highly skilled players are showcasing their talents for everyone to see yet, somehow they overcome these hurdles and come to an understanding that maybe this lifestyle is not for everyone and they both go their separate ways.

7. The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid Movie based on Card Games

An all-time classic The Cincinnati Kid set the tone of movies based on card games way back in 1965, the plot revolves completely around “The Kid” who’s trying to make his name in the world of cards.

There aren’t as many plot twists in this one but the intriguing factor has to be the ability of the movie to captivate its audience from start to end with its linear and enticing storyline.

The struggles and hard work one has to put into becoming good at playing cards are clearly highlighted in this masterpiece,

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playing cards has always been regarded as a completely luck based event and that’s clearly not the case; there is a lot of skill required which can be observed in one of the iconic scenes of this movie in a 30-hour long card game, that level of patience is just unreal!

There are several movies that we have missed out on just by the sheer volume of the movies made on playing cards which are equally entertaining.

Enjoy our list and let us know your own personal favorites from either this list or a movie we’ve missed out on!

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