Win ₹3 Lakh! Classic Rummy’s Big Holi Tourney Can Get You Royal Enfield And More In One Click

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2022)
Incredible Holi Rummy Tournament

Incredible Holi Rummy Tournament

Holi Rummy Tournament @ ClassicRummy

The festive season of Holi brings a bounty of colours and plenty of offers to the online marketplace. On this auspicious occasion, Classic Rummy has come up with the most exciting online rummy tournament where you can win lakhs. Classic Rummy has a history of organizing fun Rummy Tournaments suited to every celebration — be it Holi, Diwali, Christmas, or New Year. And the Big Holi Tourney will make your Holi special.

This year, on March 18, 2022, the Big Holi Tourney kickstarts at 10 pm where you stand a chance to win some of the most amazing prizes. The Grand Winner of Classic Rummy’s Holi tournament will win a Royal Enfield 350CC bike — making this tournament a true one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experience. And a total of ₹300,000 will be won in prizes!

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When is Classic Rummy’s Big Holi Tourney?

The Big Holi Tourney is slated to begin on March 18, 2022 at 10 pm. This is a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your rummy skills and win big. 

What’s more, the timing is perfect as you can celebrate the festival in the morning with friends and family, and join the bandwagon at Classic Rummy in the evening. 

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What prizes can you win?

With a total of prizes worth ₹3 lakh, there are many exciting prizes up for grabs including smart TVs and smartphones. The grand prize winner will win a Royal Enfield 350CC worth Rs 160,000.  

But that’s not all. There are a whole lot of other prizes — from 55” MI TV to OPPO A55 and cash prizes. Want to know what all are the rest of the prizes you can win? Here are all the details.

BiG Holi Tournament Prizes Table
PositionNo of playersRewardTotal Reward
11Royal Enfield 350 CC₹1,60,000.00
21Mi TV 4X 55″₹40,000.00
31OPPO A55₹21,000.00
4 to 107₹2,000.00₹14,000.00
11 to 5040₹1,000.00₹40,000.00
51 to 10050₹500.00₹25,000.00

How can you participate in the Big Holi Tourney? 

The participation process is quite simple and smooth at Classic Rummy. Pay an entry fee of just ₹150 to register yourself. You will get 1000 chips at the beginning of the tournament. As you play the game, it will increase or decrease as the tournament progresses. Make sure you’re there on time to grab your seat at the Rummy Table and give it your best shot!

How do you register for the Big Holi Tourney?

The registrations begin on March 1, 2022. To register for the Big Holi Tourney, head to the “Tourneys” section on Classic Rummy’s website and fill out the details. 

If you’re planning to play the game on your mobile phone, you can simply register on the Classic Rummy app as well.

How many people can play the Big Holi Tourney?

There are limited seats in the Big Holi Tourney – only 2000 Classic Rummy players will get a chance to try their luck at winning the prizes. The sooner you register, the better. 

How do you progress in the Big Holi Tourney?

The Big Holi Tourney is a multi-level tournament where you play each level for 15 minutes. 

A minimum number of chips need to be maintained throughout the tournament to continue playing:

  • Level 1 — 400 chips
  • Level 2 — 800 chips
  • Level 3 — 1200 chips

Here’s what your progress will look like:

  • Level 1 — Start with 1000 chips
  • Level 2 — Minimum 1200 chips needed to qualify for level 2
  • Level 3 — Minimum 1600 chips needed to qualify for level 3

What should I do if my chips fall below the minimum required level?

If your chips fall below the minimum required level, you can rejoin the tournament.
The rejoining fees are:

  • Level 1 — ₹25
  • Level 2 — ₹50
  • Level 3 — ₹100

Now is the time to sharpen your rummy skills and play as you never have before. Block your calendars for 10 pm, March 18, 2022, and get ready to win exciting prizes. 

What are the winning tips and other terms and conditions for the game?

  1. This is a multi-level tourney. Each level will be played for 15 minutes.
  2. No new table will be allotted in the last 60 seconds of each level.
  3. The level gap is 2 minutes. Complete the running game before the Level gap duration is over to ensure you join the next level from the beginning.
  4. Players who register but do not join the tourney in Level 1 will be disqualified and will not be part of the winner’s list.
  5. The winning amounts are fixed as mentioned in the rewards section.
  6. All winners must agree to share their experiences at Classic Rummy in a video testimonial and the video will be the sole property of Classic Rummy which can be used for all marketing and publicity purposes. Winners must give complete acknowledgment for the same.
  7. Classic Rummy reserves the right to disqualify or modify the winners who are not comfortable with giving video testimonials.
  8. Please ensure to be logged in at least 5 minutes before the tourney starts time.
  9. Classic Rummy reserves the right to change/modify/edit the rules of the tourney with or without any prior information.
  10. For all disputes, the decision made by Classic Rummy remains final.

Who can you contact if you face any troubles?

Contact the Classic Rummy Help Desk at 022 50647322 if you have any questions about the game or promotional offers.

The festival of colors that signifies the victory of good over evil will be captured perfectly in Classic Rummy’s Big Holi Tourney.

If you’re busy during the festival, don’t worry. If you’re a Classic Rummy player, you don’t need to wait for an occasion to play online rummy and win cash prizes. Every day is a special occasion with a wide range of tournaments being played and cash prize offers. 

So what are you waiting for? Download Rummy app now and start playing games like Point Rummy and 13-Card Rummy online to win cash.

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