6 Fun Christmas Games the Whole Family Can Play

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2022)
Fun Christmas Game With Family

6 Fun Christmas Games the Whole Family Can Play


Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock… It’s that time of the year when family and friends gather, houses are decked up with lights, Christmas trees, and everything green, red, white, and golden. Everywhere you look, Christmas feels in full swing plus it is also a reminder that New Year is now just a week away!!! With all that being said, with binge eating our favorite sweets and dishes without having to worry about those extra kilos or calories, catching up and chatting with near and dear ones, and a lot more, we have a few fun yet exciting games for you to enjoy with your family during Christmas. Games always set the mood and raise the party mood, isn’t it? So, here are 6 such games, you might have a blast with. 

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6 Fun Christmas Games the Whole Family Can Play

1. Christmas Bingo 


That’s right! Bingo is a game that binds everyone together since it can be played literally with anybody and everybody and that is exactly what makes it Oh! So special. To spice it up a bit, we’ve got the Christmas Movie Bingo game for y’all. To begin with, jot down a few names (remember they have to be Christmas themed or Christmas related only) and then get them printed out on cards. Give each player/ member one card each and whoever gets to cancel out all the five the fastest is the winner. It might seem boring while reading through the game but trust us, once you start playing it, you won’t stop!

2. Would You Rather 

Would you rather just snuggle up and sit watching others having a blast or would you rather dress up and join the groove? 

We’re sure, you’ll choose the latter one! 😀

The ‘Would You Rather is a popular yet fun game that can be played with teenagers, family, and friends. The question can be anything and a fun tip for you is that- you can add funny, spicy, and juicy questions too. These questions can be tricky too so that the players take some time to answer or choose their options. By the end of every round or every answer, you’re sure to be left in splits! 

3. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Who hasn’t heard of Treasure Hunt? It is a game we have all played as children or even tried to participate in while we grew up. The Christmas Scavenger Hunt is a game that brings back those Treasure Hunt Memories. So, what you can do is, hide up items that are around your house or anything that is somebody’s personal favorite or whatever you think the person might take the effort to get up and look for. Then, all the members of the family take the hint you give and start searching for the items. You can also make it interesting by saying stuff like “Hot” when the person is near to the object and “Cold” when they are far away! 

4. Holiday Share-a-Story 

It’s the festive holiday season which means all good things happen around the time of the year! From gettogether to binge eating favorite delicacies and a lot more but while we are at it why not share some fun stories or incidents that can lighten up the mood or either bring a smile on people’s faces or leave them shell shocked, what say? Here is a game that you can play with all your family members with age being no bar. It’s simple, just narrate any story/ incident or memory that holds a close place in your heart and once you are done let the other person take over. The main motive is for all the family and friends to gather around and spend some quality time with laughter and a lot of memories to cherish after the day is done too.

5. Christmas Cup Tower

If you’ve heard and played Jenga then the Christmas Cup Tower is kinda similar or on the lines of that game. As in, you have to build it up but the difference in Jenga is that you have to pull out the cubes making sure nothing falls whereas in the Christmas Cup Tower Game you have to be careful and make sure you keep building buildings having anything(any cup) fall off the block! 

To make it a tad bit more interesting for the kids especially, you could also make them decorate these cups with different colored pom-poms- it just makes it a little bit more exciting and attractive you see! The idea basically over here is to build a Christmas tree but with the cups, the bigger the better but as mentioned, make sure it does not fall otherwise you will have to start all over again and you wouldn’t want that :p

6. December Dhamaal / Christmas Bonanza

Classic Rummy also has a way of making this Christmas Fun and Merrier for you! Saving the best for the last, the December Dhamaal is on and you can play, participate and win from some exciting bonuses. Hold up, there’s more, to make it even more exciting and jolly, the Rummy Christmas Bonanza that is now live, lets you play till your heart’s content-literally!!! Play rummy game on mobile for a minimum of Rs.500 every day and stand a chance to get surprise deals, cashback, and rewards worth Rs.50K. Check out our website for all the extra details and T&C 🙂


Christmas is already here, so dive into the mood and set the game spirit and the groove without waiting any longer. From Indoor sitting games to online rummy games, play as much as you can with your family and friends this season. 


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