6 Fun Christmas Games the Whole Family Can Play

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2022)
Fun Christmas Game With Family

6 Fun Christmas Games the Whole Family Can Play

Christmas holidays remind us of jingle bells, merry-making, and gifts with celebrations. It’s that time of year again for gathering family and friends with Christmas trees, lights, and other items in spectacular colors.

Christmas seems to be in full swing everywhere you turn, and the approaching New Year adds more to the excitement. Spend time with loved ones while overindulging in our favorite feasts without worrying about gaining weight or calories. You can have a good time and play many more exciting games during the Christmas celebrations.

Since games always lighten the mood and boost the festival. So we have a few thrilling yet enjoyable games for you to play with your family over the holidays.

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas This Year

1. Christmas Bingo

Bingo is a game that binds everyone together since it can be played literally with anybody and everybody, and that is what makes it. Of course, it is unique. To spice it up, we’ve got the Christmas Movie Bingo Game for all.

Write down a few names (remember that they must only be Christmas-related or themed) and then have them printed on cards. Give each player/member one card; the person who can eliminate all five in the shortest time wins.

While reading about the game, it could not be that interesting. But once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop!

2. Would You Rather

Would you rather snuggle up and sit watching others having a blast, or would you instead dress up and join the groove?

We’re sure you’ll choose the latter one!

Teenagers, family members, and friends can participate in the well-liked but entertaining “Would You Rather” game.

The question can be related to anything.

Here’s a fun tip: include entertaining and compelling questions.

The players take their time answering or selecting answers because these questions can be challenging.

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3. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

The game Treasure Hunt is well known. It is a game we have all played as kids or even attempted to play as adults. A game that brings back old memories is the Christmas Scavenger Hunt. You can hide items around your home, anything a person’s favorite. It also can be anything else you think the person might go out of their way to look.

After that, everyone in the family follows your cue and begins looking for the objects. You can add some fun by using words like “Hot” when someone is close to an object and “Cold” when they are far away.

4. Holiday Share-a-Story

It’s the festive holiday season, meaning all good things happen around that time of the year! Why not share funny stories or events that can lighten their mood? Doing this will put people in a good spirit, bring a smile to their faces, or surprise them. It might be anything from getting together to binge eating favorite foods and much more.

Here is a game you can play with all your family members, with age no bar. It is pretty simple. You can narrate any story / incident, or memory that holds a close place in your heart. Once you are done, let the other person take over.

The main goal is to get everyone together to enjoy quality time around, laugh a lot, and make many memories they can reflect on when the day is over.

5. Christmas Cup Tower

The Christmas Cup Tower is comparable to or similar to Jenga if you’ve heard of and played that game. In other words, you need to build it up, unlike Jenga. Remove the cubes to ensure that nothing falls carefully. You have to be careful and maintain building structures to ensure that nothing (even any cups) falls off the block!

To make it more interesting for the kids, you could also make them decorate these cups with different colored pom-poms.

It just makes it a little more exciting and attractive! The idea is to build a Christmas tree with cups; the bigger, the better. But as mentioned, ensure it stays strong. Otherwise, you will have to start all over, and you wouldn’t want that again.

6. December Dhamaal / Christmas Bonanza

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Christmas has already arrived, so get in the game-playing mood without delaying any longer. From Indoor games to online rummy games, play as much as possible with your family and friends this season. It’s an excellent chance for more social engagement and a friendly approach to lifting everyone’s spirits.

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