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Rummy Game Online

Rummy Game Online and Its Real Origin

Over five hundred years ago Rummy came into existence. We don't know precisely when and how this card game was discovered. You will find many theories about the invention of Rummy free game. But here we are going to share the most authentic one that we think the real origin of this card game.

Before that let us understand the structure of this game which will ultimately help us to find out the origin of Rummy free game. The pattern of every Rummy game is almost the same. You have to draw favorable cards and discard unfavorable ones. Countless records are found which show the origin of this game. Most of these editions are from International locations. Let's dig deep into it.

Rummy Game Online - Spanish Origin

The evidence of the Spanish origin has been seen in a similar kind of a card game called Conquian. The resemblance of these two games is shocking. It was the story of mid-1800. According to some of the researches, Rummy free game has a connection with Mexico. Some of them claim that the invention of this exciting game happened in America. Later on, the people of Mexico started playing this game with another name Conquian.

Rummy Free Game - English Origin

The evidence of this game was found in the seashores of English with a different name, Rum. The meaning of this word was queer or extraordinary. But it was basically an English slang. Later on, a new name was given to this game which was Rummy.

Now let's focus on the theory of John Scarne - the celebrated American Magician & author

John Scarne was famous for his profound knowledge and magic tricks. He knew almost everything about cards and employed this knowledge on his magic tricks which were hard to catch. This superb magician also wrote a book. According to him Rummy game online came from Whiskey Poker which was a pocket variant. He also stated that the initial name was Rum Poker. Later on, it became Rum and then finally Rummy came into existence. Apart from him, many theorists and researchers believed that this excellent mind game Rummy came from the poker game.

A Different Origin of Rummy

People also believed that Rummy game online came from China. However, some also believe that it may have come from Japan. That's because there was a Japanese game named Hanafuda. This game has a great connection with Rummy game online.

So these were the theories of the real origins of Rummy. Rummy lovers from India love to play 13 card games which is the Indian version of Rummy.