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Classic Rummy Fest


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Re. 1 Entry Rummy Tournament

Winning Daily is what champions do! No matter what!

Classic Rummy presents, THE DAILY ONE!

The ₹1 Tourney!

Join the Tourney for ₹.1 & Win from ₹.10,000 @8PM Daily!

Enjoy Mega Fun and Winning Thrill!

Don’t forget to grab your seat and your reward!

What: CLASSIC WINS - Daily ONE @₹1 TOURNEY where you win from ₹10,000 for just ₹1 Everyday  
When: Everyday@8PM
How: All depositing players can unlock access to CLASSIC WINS – Daily ONE @₹1 TOURNEY for the complete month.
Where: Find the CLASSIC WINS – Daily ONE @₹1 under the Tournaments section and join the tourney weekly.

Rush to Register!

Tourney Name Date Tourney Start Time Registration Opens Seats Entry Prize Pool
CLASSIC WINS – Daily ONE @₹1 Everyday 8:00 PM Daily 5:00 PM 1000 ₹1 ₹10,000

Terms & Conditions:

1. Entry to CLASSIC WINS –– Daily ONE @₹1 at 8PM tourney is free if you are a depositor at Classic Rummy.

2. This is a multi-level tourney. Each level is for 15 Minutes.

3. You get 1000 T.Chips at the start of the tourney and as the game progress T.Chips will increase or decrease as per the game result.

4. You need to have minimum 1200 T.chips to Qualify Level 2 & minimum 1600 T.chips to Qualify Level 3.

5. The minimum T.Chips need to be maintained to continue playing the Tourney. The min T.Chips for Level 1 is 400 ; Level 2: 800 T.Chips & for Level 3: 1200 T.Chips.

6. When your T.Chips fall below the minimum T.Chips of the Level – Need to Re-join else you will be out of the Tournament.

7. No new table will be allotted in last 60 seconds of each level. The level gap is 2 minutes.

8. Complete the running game before the Level gap duration is over to ensure you join the next level from the beginning.

9. Rejoin is applicable and Rejoin fee is: Level -1 : ₹25 ; Level – 2: ₹50 & Level -3: ₹100.

10. Players who register but do not join tourney in Level 1 will be disqualified and will not be part of winners list.

11. The Winning amounts are fixed as mentioned in the rewards section.

12. The Tourney Winnings are playable cash and one should wager in cash games first before withdrawal.

13. Please ensure to be logged in at least 5 minutes before the tourney start time.

14. Classic Rummy reserves right to change / modify / edit the rules of the tourney with or without any prior information.

15. For all disputes, decision made by Classic Rummy remains final.”

16.  The Winning amounts are fixed as mentioned in the rewards section. The rewards are non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed in any other form.