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Classic Rummy Daily Deals

Classic Rummy just got more rewarding! Introducing Daily Plays!

Enjoy your favourite Rummy Games with unbelievable featured Daily Deals every single day of the Week. You got rewarded with special offers, prizes and bonuses everyday only at Classic Rummy!

Sieze the Day!

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What: Daily Deals
When: Everyday of the Week
How: Get rewarded with special offers and bonuses everyday!
Where: Avail by accessing our daily offers at Classic Rummy

Terms & Conditions:

1. The contest will run as per the schedule mentioned above.

2. The decision of the Classic Rummy management shall be final and binding in case of any disputes.

3. The Leaderboard results will be updated once the winners are declared.

4. Points will be accrued for only completed tournaments. No point will be given to the players for tournaments which are canceled.

5. If your KYC is not approved, you won’t be eligible for any of the prizes.

6. Prizes cannot be interchanged between leaderboards. But a player can compete under multiple categories.

7. Players will get ranked based on the points accrued by them by playing both cash and free tournament.

8. If a player is suspected / caught engaging in unfair activities, they will not be eligible for the promotion. The decision as per the process will remain final.

9. All the rewards declared will be delivered in the same form to all winners, converting the declared reward to playable cash is not allowed.