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Latest News on Online Rummy Games

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About the page "What's New": This is section that you go to on the Classic Rummy site in case you need to catch up on the latest news on the site. You will get a snapshot of all the latest news at a glance. The idea is to give players a chance to catch up on the latest developments on the site without much ado. Want to know about the latest offers? Go to the "What's new" section. Want to catch up on the latest tweaks to the site? Go to "What's new" and catch up.



Special offers introduced and app upgraded  Updated : August

Flat 15% bonus on all deposits awarded to the players on account of Independence Day on 15th Aug.

Optimized mobile apps in both Android and iOS to decrease load time and enhance gaming experience.

Launched the client wagering loss alert feature while a player leaves the table in mobile version (both android and iOS).

These two pop-up alerts now available on mobile as well: ‘Do you want to leave lobby?’ and ‘Your wagering amount will be debited from the account.’

Launched Paytm deposit offer that gives 50% cash back each on the player’s Paytm and Classic Rummy accounts on depositing via Paytm wallet.

Multiple features added to enhance user experience  Updated : July

BuyChips page design changed to transform the cluttered view into a better one.

Introduced the Hide / Show entry fee option on both desktop and mobile in order to avoid distraction while playing.

Cashier page redesigned to speed up the cash deposit process and for a better user experience overall.

Enabled direct entry of Classic Rummy discount coupons and availing of huge bonuses.

Enabled auto reshuffling of cards in the middle of the game on desktop version.

Introduced feedback mailer feature that allows the players to let us know how helpful our chat/mail response was.

Introduced New Features for Better Convenience  Updated : June

The “Claim Bonus” functionality, that was accessible only in the My Profile section, is now available across the site on both desktop and mobile versions. Go right ahead and enjoy the freedom to claim your bonus in no time.

Use the “upload KYC” feature to easily submit documents such as pan card, ID proof and other related documents for smooth withdrawals.

Withdrawal page redesigned to make it more user-friendly.

Fun, Flexibility and Ease of Operation Guaranteed!  Updated : May

Two categories of rummy gaming – cash and fun – introduced on mobile, allowing the players to enjoy their favourite games for cash and free as well. Mobile players can either play cash games or fun games, but not both at a time.

Total countdown time on joining tables increased on both desktop and mobile versions, to ensure enable maximum participation.

Facilitating ease of deposit, one more payment , ‘ Ola Money’ added to the list.

Classic Rummy successfully launched on both Android and iOS platforms. All the android and iOS mobile users can now enjoy Classic Rummy games on the move!

Steer clear of unwanted players  Updated : March

Introduced the “block/unblock player” feature in the desktop version of Classic Rummy. This will help the players in keeping the unwanted/annoying fellow players at bay.

Play two games at a time!  Updated : Feb

Introduced the ‘split screen’ functionality in desktop that allows the players to play two games with two separate windows opened side-by-side in the same game screen.




Classicrummy has Lowered the Rake Percentage on Strikes Tables  Updated : 12th December

Have a dashing December with Great news from Classic Rummy! The most magical month has arrived with year's best rake offer from us.

On popular demand, we have lowered the Rakes on Strikes Tables. Now Strikes rummy rake has been reduced from 15% to 12%. Play Strikes, Win More!

The first regional rummy site:  Updated : 25th July

Classic Rummy has become the first rummy site to go multi-lingual with the launch of their Telugu site. This means that players who love rummy but have hesitated to join and play rummy online, can now do so with the additional comfort of knowing that all the resources required for playing rummy online are available in Telugu. The response of players to the launch of the first regional rummy site will also drive future launches.

Player Protection System  Updated : 24th June

Here are the latest improvements on the Classic Rummy site: With a view to ensure that players who come to Classic Rummy enjoy the best experience possible online, Classic Rummy has made many changes.
  • Player Protection System to protect players in case of Internet disconnection in the middle of a game
  • In case of disconnection from game, cards to remain grouped as before so that the player can continue playing as before
  • Protection from fraud by preventing same IP login players from being on the same table to ensure fair play
  • Addition of relevant city names in drop down menu automatically on selecting state
  • Login with registered Email ID or Mobile Number also allowed
  • Single deck used for 2 player games
  • In tourneys, next table allocated immediately on drop
  • "Cut the Deck" feature to improve card shuffling
  • Multiple Rejoins in tourneys allowed
  • When players play rummy on multiple tables, a blink feature to alert them of their turn
  • Logs of tax deducted at source on player's winnings provided in “my accounts” page of player's account
  • Resetting of dealer Id happens automatically when a player drops from a round
  • Automatic new table allocation in tournaments when a player drops from game
  • Addition of payment gateway via Direct Pay for more options to play rummy with cash
  • One-time password for withdrawals sent to Email as well as Mobile
  • Allowing players to play fun games without Email verification

Classic Rummy Unveils the Brand New My Favorites Feature  Updated : 19th Feb

Do you not like having to search for your favorite game in a sea of rummy tables? No worries, Classic Rummy brings you the new My Favorites feature that will let you store all your favorite rummy variant tables with just a click! So, don't wait up to use this incredible new feature that saves your time and effort. Here's how you can go about it - go to your favorite rummy variant table. Just click the star symbol on the far end of it and you are done! No hassles, only pure rummy fun! And that's what Classic Rummy is all about.

Welcome Tournaments For Newly Converted Premium Players:   Updated : 17th Feb

Now enjoy playing free welcome tournaments once you have made your first purchase to play cash games to win a prize money of Rs. 500/- daily. This exciting new option allows you to join other newly converted premium players at 21.00 PM and play this tournament. You will be allowed to play this exciting and rewarding tournament for free for 30 days from your deposit.

The New Bonus Release Model:   Updated : 27th Dec

The new bonus release model is aimed at ensuring that the process of bonus release is quicker and much simpler. It is no longer linked to the deposit but rather to the wagering amount. The new model requires players to wager Rs. 500 to get a bonus release of Rs.100. This means the bonus keeps getting released to the player at the rate of Rs.100 for every Rs.500 wagered until the bonus amount is completely released.

This is highly beneficial to players who earlier had to wager as much as the deposit amount to get just 1 chunk of their bonus.
The bonus amount released will be available for the player to "Claim" Once you claim this amount it will be added to your account balance and can be used for game play.

Given here is a table that will simplify the whole process and make it clear.

All amounts in INR New Old
Bonus type Deposit Bonus Wager Bonus release Wager Bonus release
Welcome Bonus 1000 500 500*5=2500 100*5=500 1000*4=4000 125*4=500
Double Welcome Bonus 1000 500 500*5=2500 100*5=500 1000*4=4000 125*4=500
Coupon Code 1000 100 500*1=500 100*1=100 1000*4=4000 25*4=100


Action Bonus Buddy bonus
"Referee" Purchases Real Chips Rs. 500 Rs. 500

How to claim bonus

Part Wagering Referrer Bonus Release
1 "Referee" Wagers 500 Real Chips Rs. 100/-
2 "Referee" Wagers 500 Real Chips Rs. 100/-
3 "Referee" Wagers 500 Real Chips Rs. 100/-
4 "Referee" Wagers 500 Real Chips Rs. 100/-
5 "Referee" Wagers 500 Real Chips Rs. 100/-
Total wagering amount Rs. 2500/-
Rs. 500/-

Option to change background theme and turning sounds on and off:   Updated : 28th Nov

If you are bored of playing with the same background, you don't have to be bored any more; Classic Rummy presents to you two new and exciting options. All you need to do is go to options and select the theme. To use this feature, you need to click on the options button. It is a drop down menu which has options of two background themes.

You have the choice to pick either one or try both before you make your choice. In any case you can keep changing the theme as per the mood you are in. Another aspect, the sound effects that accompany the game add to the thrill of playing, but in case you want to switch them off while playing, now Classic Rummy provides you with the option to do so. Like the feature for changing the background theme, this one is also part of the same drop down menu, just below the option to change the background theme. Often during the course of a game you find that the sounds that accompany the game can be disturbing to you or to others, then this option comes in really handy.

Game Summary:   Updated : 28th Nov

Did you feel that you had to rely on your memory to recall details of the game or that keeping track of the moves made by you and other players is difficult? Well, you need not concern yourself any more! Classic Rummy has come up with an option that will provide you the table game summary as you play. This button has been placed right next to the chat option in corner of the table.

All you need to click on this button and scroll back and forth to catch every nuance of the game as it progresses. Sometimes knowing what cards other players have discarded helps you in calculating the probability of your getting another similar card. Finding out this aspect of the rummy game will help you in getting rid of deadwood cards. Another important aspect that the game summary provides is that of letting you see what cards other players as well as you have others have picked from the open pile. This part of the data will offer you many important clues about the state of the game in context of the other players and also caution you about the cards you should retain just to keep others from getting it.

Diwali promotions:   Updated : 28th Oct

Dhanvarsha Diwali Rummy Tournaments – a special version of rummy tournaments has been launched for the very first time by Classic Rummy. Classic Rummy has always had special offers to commemorate special and festive occasions and this year, the celebrations are made special by a multiplayer, multi-table and multilevel tournament with Rs.8 lakhs to be won in cash prizes. Not only does Classic Rummy have great offers for all premium players, but has also announced attractive offers for free players.

For Premium Players:

Dhanvarsha Diwali Rummy Tournament

  • Enjoy Diwali at Classic Rummy by winning your share of the guaranteed Rs. 800000 in cash prizes
  • This festive offer Special Rummy Tournament is going to run for 7 days starting from 29 Oct - 4 Nov 2013.
  • Entry is free for premium players and the registrations start on 25 October 2013.

Hurry, book your place now!

Day Date Time Entry Tourney Max Players Prize
Tue 29 – Oct 1.00 PM Free Pre-Diwali Dhanvarsha 2000 Rs. 100000 guaranteed
Wed 30 – Oct 1.00 PM Free Pre-Diwali Dhanvarsha 2000 Rs. 100000 guaranteed
Thu 31 – Oct 1.00 PM Free Dwadashi Dhanvarsha 2000 Rs. 100000 guaranteed
Fri 1 – Nov 1.00 PM Free Dhanteras Dhanvarsha 2000 Rs. 100000 guaranteed
Sat 2 – Nov 1.00 PM Free Diwali Dhanvarsha 2000 Rs. 200000 guaranteed
Sun 3 – Nov 1.00 PM Free Laxmi Dhanvarsha 2000 Rs. 100000 guaranteed
Mon 4 – Nov 1.00 PM Free Bhai Duj Dhanvarsha 2000 Rs. 100000 guaranteed

Special Diwali Cash Bonus

  • Get 50% Cash Bonus on all purchases above Rs. 1000
  • Use Coupon Code "DIWALI2013"
  • Hurry! Use the Coupon Code 10 times before the offer expires on 4 Nov 2013

For Free Players:

Free cash

  • Just Login daily and get Rs.10 on your first login!
  • This offer is valid from 28th Oct to 5th Nov 2013

Diwali Delight for First purchase
If you are making your First Purchase this Diwali, there is a very special offer awaiting you!

  • Minimum cash deposits start from Rs.25 onwards
  • You get very generous FREE CASH on your deposit
  • You get 100% Welcome Bonus*
Deposit Amount Free Cash Welcome Bonus
Rs.25 – Rs.100 Rs.25 100%
Rs.101 – Rs.500 Rs.110 100%
Rs.501 – Rs.1000 Rs. 600 *Rs. 500 Cash Bonus
Rs.1001 – Rs. 10000 Rs. 1250 *Rs. 500 Cash Bonus

New and improved download client:   Updated : 25th Oct

We are pleased to announce that the Download Client has been upgraded. It is completely secure, really fast and requires very less space. Click on download and make it a part of your home screen. Make the most of the fast and easy access that the Download client offers with the new features. Now you get the same look and feel from the download client as you would from playing on the main site of Classic Rummy at your convenience.

Jumbo Tourneys Launched:   Updated : 27th Aug

Classic Rummy launched the new, interesting and thrilling Multi-table tournaments. This interesting format of rummy comes to you in a form that is really attractive and the thrill of playing is equal to the mega rewards that you can win. This format promises free participation, intense competition and a sense of enhanced fun that is part of every rummy game that we play. Consisting of three levels during which your position in the list of winners will change at a dynamic pace, you will find yourself longing to play all the time. To play the game, you need to register in advance.

New look of the site:   Updated : 27th Aug

Classic Rummy dons a new and improved look. The site is inspired by the physical Rummy room – the rich green of the background speaks of the gaming fun and excitement that we offer here at Classic Rummy to you, our loyal players. We've made the site navigation much easier, quicker and extremely user-friendly. Especially for players who are just learning the art of Rummy, there is a new 'Rummy FAQ' section which covers a whole range of queries that rookies have and a special 'Rummy Tips & Tricks' sections to help newbies to learn and win the game.

New promotion tabs:   Updated : 1st Aug

We've updated our promotions tab so all of you players are always in the know of our hot promotions and offers that increases manifold your chance to win Rummy rewards.
You will find new tabs for offers like:
  • Special 13 – Apna Sapna Cash Cash offer
  • Cash Back offer
  • Social media offers

Community Page:   Updated : 1st Aug

Rummy is all about friendship and fun that great company adds to the game;keeping this in mind Classic Rummy has started a special rummy community page just for you. The first of its kind in the Indian rummy realm, it was an instant hit with our regulars. Here players can keep tabs on the latest winning statistics, find out about all the promotions and offers. It also has resources on the safety factors that you should keep in mind while playing online.


Late joining for tournaments allowed:   Updated : 23rd Oct

Feel bad about missing out on the registration time for Jumbo tourneys? Wish there were some provision for you to join later? If your answer is yes, then you will be pleased to know that we have now made a provision so that you can join to play your favorite Jumbo Rummy Tournaments, even after the time for registration has passed. Now you never have to miss playing your favorite Jumbo Rummy Tournaments.

New exciting look of the lobby:   Updated : 1st Sep

Now the lobby on Classic Rummy has an absolutely new look that is pleasing to the eye and easier to navigate. The lobby has three separate tabs for Fun Games, Cash Games and Tournaments. Within the first two tabs, you will find that the games have been further divided into

1. Pool Rummy: In the pool rummy section, you will see further categories like 101 Points, 201 Points and BO3 games. You also have options like Low, Medium and High stakes. You can also select a 2 player table or 6 player table. You also have the option to see which game are running currently.
2. Points Rummy: In the points rummy section, you will see further categories like Joker and No Joker. You also have options like Low, Medium and High stakes. You can also select a 2 player table or 6 player table. You also have the option to see which game are running currently.
3. Deals Rummy: In the deals rummy section, you will see further categories like 2 Deals and 6 Deals. You also have options like Low, Medium and High stakes. You can also select a 2 player table or 6 player table. You also have the option to see which game are running currently.

In the third tab you will be taken to the exciting world of tournaments. For your convenience this has been sub-divided into Jumbo Free Tournaments and Regular Free Tournaments. You may click on the section that you want to play and join the game as per the rules.

'Melding Cards' feature:   Updated : 14th Aug

Any serious Rummy player like you considers the proper melding of rummy cards as a pertinent feature because if you get that wrong then you are liable to get full count. We heard you loud and clear, hence. To ensure that the process of melding happens in a systematic and proper manner this new feature has been introduced. Within this new method, once a player clicks on the show button, he/she will be asked to confirm this by clicking on 'yes' or 'no'.

Once this is done, the 'declare' button starts flashing and the player is given time to group cards. On finishing this, the player can click on 'declare'. This way he/she has grouped cards, which will be shown to him/her and asked to confirm that this is how he/she wants to group the cards. On confirming this, the show will be evaluated and declared valid within seconds.

The extra time and auto play option:   Updated : 10th Aug

If you fear getting disconnected in the middle of a game or need to move away from your place for a few moments, this feature will provide you with some relief. If you do not make your move within the given time, then the extra time feature of 15 seconds will come into play.

If you have been disconnected, you will get 45 seconds extra and then you will be put on "Auto Play" and the other player/s will be informed about this. During the Auto Play option, you can be rest assured that your turn in the game will be played automatically. A card will be picked and the same card will be discarded till such time you are able to start playing or somebody makes a show. Hence, allowing you to reduce your stress when you are away from the game for whatever reason.

The "assist me" button:   Updated : 1st Aug

New to playing rummy? Then, this button could be your best buddy. We have added this special, new feature to ensure that a rookie player has assistance to play the game when he/she is on a learning curve. This option, which is available to fun game players and not for premium players, can be turned on or off as required.

This option has a series of five buttons that turn green from the original orange once you have arranged your cards:

  • Button 1: Pure sequence
  • Button 2: Second sequence (pure or with joker)
  • Button 3: Third sequence or set
  • Button 4: Fourth sequence or set
  • Button 5: When you have finished melding and ready to make a show


Automatic addition of Coupon Code in cashier page:   Updated :1st Dec

You know that we have Rummy Coupon Codes to enable you to get extra Cash Bonus every time you make a deposit. To save you the trouble of typing the Coupon Code every time, we have added a new provision that will ensure entry of the correct Coupon Code with a couple of clicks. The current coupon code will be decided along the side of the cashier page for easy access.

The addition of the new avatars for male and female players:   Updated :1st Nov

Now players can enjoy playing rummy with new and improved avatars. Earlier on both male and female players had the same set of avatars, but now you have different options for males and females. Once you have completed your profile, then the appropriate avatar will be automatically be displayed when you join the game.

Cash games starting from Rs.5 onwards:   Updated :16th Oct

Classic Rummy announces the opening of cash games for rummy players who wish to enter into cash games but with a lesser stake at just Rs.5/-. This incredible option follows on the heels of opening up points rummy tables with a stake as low as Rs.4/-, which means that the points for points rummy start with Rs.0.05. As points rummy requires the game player to put in a minimum amount that is equal to 80 points (maximum points for a game) x points value, at Rs.0.05 per point, this works to Rs.4/-. Both these options have made playing 13 cards rummy for cash even more accessible