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Play Multiplayer Rummy Jumbo Tournaments Online

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1. What is JUMBO tournament?

In this variant of rummy games, which is a multi-table tournament, number of players play against each other and there are numerous winners The players are randomly seated and tables are arranged and collapsed from time to time to make sure that there is no chance of fraud. Every possible precaution is taken to ensure that there is no misuse of any type

2. How are these tournaments conducted?

  • Based on the number of players that join a tournament, players will be seated across multiple tables
  • Each table can seat a maximum of 6 players
  • At the start of every round, each player will be provided a fixed number of tournament chips
  • During each round players seated on tables will be playing a fixed number of games that is equal to the number of players seated on the table
  • When a deal is completed, the winner will win tournament chips from the other players based on their score
  • Once the fixed number of deals are completed, players will be ranked on the basis of the count of their chips. The player who has the highest chip count will be ranked the highest. In case there is a tie between two or more players, a tie breaker game will be played to resolve the situation.
  • Based on the number of players that qualify from each table, the players who have the higher number of chip counts will qualify to play the next round. For example: In case there are 6 tables having 6 players , then 1 player from every table will qualify to play the next round.
  • The players who have the same rank from each table will be considered equal. Which in essence means that in case all players finishing in the same table rank across tables will be treated equally.
  • Every player gets 30 seconds to make their move during the course of the game. In case a player is unable to do this within the set time, then the turn will pass to the next player and the game will continue.
  • In case a player happens to miss 3 moves one after another, then the player will be dropped and given a middle drop score (30 points)
  • On meeting the object of the game, a player can declare a win. As soon as his/her game is declared a win, the other players must declare their cards within the allotted time.

3. What do you mean by promotional tournaments?

  • The tournaments that require no entry fee but have real cash prizes can be defined as promotional tournaments.

4. What do you mean by cash tournaments?

  • The tournaments requiring cash to enter and play and offering real cash rewards can be defined as cash tournaments.

5. How do I join the tournament?

  • Go to the Game Lobby and click on “Tournaments” option from the menu. You will find several choices for multi-table tournaments.
  • You can select the one you want to play and click the join button. The tournament will start as per the scheduled time specified.
  • Players may sign for any particular JUMBO tournament if they meet applicable rules and conditions and as long as they register before the tournament starts or as long as the number of predecided players have not been exceeded.

6. The join button is disabled. Why?

  • The Join button may appear disabled state for tournaments that are not accepting registrations presently
  • To find out when a tournament will begin accepting registrations, simply linger your mouse pointer over the disabled join button to get the details.

7. I want to withdraw from a tournament. How can I do that?

  • You have the option to withdraw from a tournament, only as long as the tournament registration is still open. You will not be able to withdraw from the tournament for which registration is closed or one that is currently running.
  • Once you join the tournament, it will shown under the “My Tournaments” section. In case you want to withdraw, then click on the button marked “Withdraw” that is next to the tournament you have joined in the "My Tournaments" section.

8. How do I join and take a seat in the tournament after it starts?

  • The game will open automatically in a pop up window as and when the tournament begins. To ensure that you get an automatic game pop up, do enable the pop up windows from Classic Rummy
  • In case the game window does not open as the tournament begins, click on the “Join" button displayed for the tournament that is given in your "My Tournaments" section

9. What is extra time and how much is provided?

  • Extra Time feature offers protection when you have problems with internet connections
  • Every player is allotted up to a maximum of 60 seconds of extra time per game which can be utilized during any part of the game
  • Each time you use the extra time, the amount of extra time you have used will be reduced from the total extra time provided in a game
  • In case you do not make your move in the allotted time, extra time will begin counting down
  • When you're utilizing Extra Time to make your move, the system will automatically inform your opponent(s) on the table that you're making use of extra time to make the move
  • In case you have not made the move within the extra time that is allotted then you will be missing your turn.

10. What happens when I miss three moves continuously?

  • In case due to any reason, you miss three moves in a row, then you will be dropped from the game automatically and a middle drop score will be given to you.

11. How are prizes awarded?

  • As soon as a tournament begins, the details with regard to prize distribution will appear in the details section of that tournament
  • Prior to the start of the tournament, the expected prize distribution is displayed to players based on the maximum seats in the tournament. In case all seats are not filled when a tournament begins, the actual prize is calculated again based on number of players who have joined the tournament
  • Based on the newly calculated prize, prizes are awarded to players
  • In case of tie for prize positions, then the tied players will play a tie breaker game to decide on the proper prize position winner

12. How are players seated on tables?

  • Every table in the multi-table tournament can seat 6 players maximum, Based on the number of players for a round, players will be seated across multiple tables
  • Players will be seated across multiple tables such that the difference between the number of players seated on any two tables in a round is never more than 1
  • For example: If there are 36 players in a tournament, then in the first round of the tournament these players will be seated on 6 different tables with 6 players on each of the tables. Similarly, if there are 34 players in a round, then these players will be seated on 6 different tables with 6 players on 4 tables and 5 players on 2 tables

13. What are tournament chips and how are they given out?

  • At the start of every round in a tournament, every player is given a fixed number of tournament chips
  • The number of tournament chips to be given are arrived upon, depending on the number of games to be played on that table which equals the number of players seated on the table X maximum score a player can get. E.g. If there are 6 games to be played on a table, then 480 tournament chips are allocated to every player on that table at the beginning of the round

14.How is scoring done in tournaments?

Declaring the winner: The first player to declare after meeting the game objective is the winner. The winner gets 0 points

If one or more players drop the game in the first round (first drop), they get 20 points each and the game continues till a single winner emerges

If one or more players drop the game after the first round (middle drop), they get 30 points each and the game continues till a single winner emerges

If a player makes a wrong show, he/she gets full count (80 points) and the game continues till there is a winner

Calculation of score for the players who do not win:

  • The points will be counted for all deadwood cards - that is all the cards that are not melded in sequences or sets as per the rules of rummy.
  • J, Q, K, A of any suite carry 10 points each.
  • All other numbered cards carry the same points as their face value e.g. 8 carries 8 points and 5 carries 5 points.
  • Joker cards (both printed and card) carry zero points

Once the game ends, the deadwood points are calculated by adding up the points as per the guidelines given above. The exceptions to this occurs in the following circumstances:

  • If the losing player has not been able to meld a pure sequence, all cards are counted
  • If the losing player does not have two sequences, but only has a pure sequence, only the pure sequence is not counted
  • A player can get a maximum of 80 points. For instance, if a player's hand score is 85 he/she will still get only 80 points. But if a player's hand score is 75, he/she will get 75 points.

15. How does the drop option work?

  • Each player gets an option to drop the game on their turn, throughout the game duration
  • To use the Drop option, the player must not have picked a card from open/closed deck in that turn
  • First Drop: If a player drops the game in their very first turn, he/she gets 10 points
  • Middle Drop: If a player drops the game in a turn other than the first, he/she gets 30 points
  • Special case: If a player misses 3 consecutive turns, he/she is dropped automatically from the game. This means that this player gets a middle drop score
  • Auto Drop: A player is allowed to drop anytime during a game by clicking on 'Auto Drop' button. This player will then be dropped from subsequent games and given the first drop score i.e. 10 points. If this player wishes to re-join the table, they can do so by clicking on 'I'm Back' Button. The points accumulated by this player when he/she was dropped, will be added to his/her score

16. How are winners from each table decided?

  • Each player will be allocated a fixed number of tournament chips at the beginning of a round
  • In every round players are required to play a fixed number of games. At the end of a round, players on every table will be ranked as per their tournament chip count starting with Rank 1 for chip leader on that table
  • At the end of a round, one or more players will be decided as winners to move to next round depending on the number of qualifiers decided for that round
  • If one or more players finish with same chip count, a tie breaker game with players tied in same rank will decide which player will get a better rank
  • If there are ties among different ranks, ties will be resolved by playing tie breaker games among players in the order – 1) tie breaker among qualification positions and prize positions 2) tie breaker among different prize positions 3) tie breaker among prize positions and elimination positions

17. How do I know how many players qualify to play in the next round?

  • At the beginning of every round, players seated on the tables will be notified of how many deals will be played in the round, how many players will be qualified to play in the next round and how many players will be given prizes in that round
  • This information is accessible on the game table at all times. Click on the tournament info panel to view qualification positions, prize positions and elimination position in every round

18. What are tickets?

  • Tickets entail free access to specific tournaments to players holding tickets
  • In some tournaments, along with cash prizes tickets are also given as prizes or only tickets as prizes. These tickets can be used to join tournaments that allow you to use the tickets
  • Tickets issued to players usually have an expiry date. To check the tickets and their expiry date, please see Tickets section in My Account
  • Note: Tickets issued do not have any monetary value to them and cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred