Play Rummy Online Free – What Kind of a Rummy Player Are You?

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2021)
What Kind of a Rummy Player Are You?
Play Rummy Online Free – What Kind of a Rummy Player Are You?

Here is a fun fact we came up with. Wonder why Players are called players?

This is because they not only participate and play the game but also play with different personalities, they encounter of themselves during the game!

You won’t believe it, but every player is unique in its own way. But it is because of them that the spirit of the game is light-hearted and fun.

There are some who give constant commentary throughout the game, some who end up sulking when they see themselves losing the game, some who get defensive and some who just don’t know what is happening.

Wait this isn’t it, there’s more.

Ever thought of what kind of rummy player you are? We’ve listed down a few so, let’s find out your type and if you’re not yet aware of which type you fall under then, read on because you’re sure to find yourself relating to something or the other.

Ready? Let’s see…

1. Practice Rummy Gamer

As much as we’d like to deny this, but we’ve all been here done that kind of thing! A phase that begins right after you install the online rummy app and are just starting off.

Where everything seems to be Greek and Latin. Figuring out the rules and regulations, game sets and sequences, all in all, just trying to get the basics of the game right! And hands down this must be the most relatable phase for any player, isn’t it?

If you’re someone who’s in this phase, then don’t worry you’ll get past it sooner or later.

2. The Money Guy

Someone who only believes in business and sees nothing beyond. The rummy cash game is loved by a lot of people around the world mainly because of the way the game is designed but the fact still remains that this game does fetch your money!

If you’re one of them then you’ll ensure not to let your opponent have an easy win.

3. The Table Guy

This is someone who can play online rummy literally anywhere, anytime! All they need is to have a table to keep their phone or laptop to enjoy themselves. Oh! Also, a few snacks, chat pata khana and chai paani toh banta hai.

If you fall under this category, then classic rummy is the place for you. You’ll get a mix of entertainment, challenges, fun and a whole lot more.

4. The Shuffler

When shuffling or multi-tasking between a bunch of things is your thing then, you’re the Shuffler type player!

Irrespective of where you are or what you’re up to there’s no stopping you from playing rummy. You could be in between an important client call or at the barber’s or out for a dinner date, the game must go on!

5. The Follower

Because rules are rules. You’re a player who has to go by the rule book and anything out of place does not go down well with you.

You’ll find yourself arguing over with your opponent like a 10 year old would. Relatable enough, isn’t it? Whenever the game is on and you’re playing you’ll find yourself always being on the defensive to get that win for yourself (following the rummy rules of course ?).

6. The Chiller

You’re the chill dude on the block. You have Indian rummy downloaded and have pals who consider it as a serious play but you’re only here for fun.

Winning or losing isn’t really a cause of concern. You just want to have a good time!

7. The Pretender

Ah! I won- Just Kiddin! This is you. The one who likes to keep bluffing and confusing the opponent.

At times these bluffs or tricks can get to a person but let’s be honest, you’re that player who keeps the game lively with all your bluffs so, keep it up.

Personally, we like these kinds too!!!

8. The Know It All

Yes, yes, we know you know. You’ve been through it all and have aced it like a pro. And most possibly this is also someone who’s had first-hand experience with all of the above types. Are we right? Or are we right?

We know it all too, you see!

We’re sure the article kept you smiling throughout as you would have found yourself relating to one or maybe more types mentioned above.

Whichever kind of rummy player you are, Classic Rummy has a place for you all. Play online rummy for free and enhance these types of yourself furthermore!

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