6 Strategy Games to Play that Definitely Sharpen your Tactics

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2021)
6 strategy games to play that definitely sharpen your tactics

6 strategy games to play that definitely sharpen your tactics

6 Strategy Games to Play that Definitely Sharpen your Tactics

There are many ways to choose the strategy, in order to sharpen our plans by playing games.

Strategy games tend to be the best when it comes to sharpening the acute decision-making skills that we love to flaunt.

There are some games that make you to stand on your feet and also help you to make decisions sooner.

Find out some strategy games that can help you to sharpen your tactics.

Strategy Games to play to improve your tactics and sharpen your Mind

Name of AppPlatformDownload
Classic RummyAndroid/ IOS/ WindowsPlay Now
Faster than LightWindows/ Mac OS XPlay Now
Starcraft IIWindows/ MacPlay Now
Civilization 5Windows/ OS X/ LinuxPlay Now
Anno 2070PCPlay Now
Command Ultimate EditionWindows/ Mac OS XPlay Now

So, if you observe, these are the 6 Strategy games to play right now, to sharpen your tactics.

1. Classic Rummy

One of the most important elements of visible tactics is hand-eye coordination along with visual judgments.

Playing card games like rummy can help you to improve tactical subjects like math concepts.

It has also been observed that a person who plays online rummy more often has better negotiating, problem solving, sorting along with matching skills.

What else can anyone want?

Thus,this skill based game helps you in many ways to improve your strength and to sharpen your tactics by yourself without others help.

2. Faster than Light

This FTL game can help you to enhance your decision-making skills and test your leadership skills as well.

Lots of strategy and tact are involved in the game and one wrong move can directly mean that your game is over. But along with tact, you also need a bit of luck to survive.

This game helps you to develop the leadership qualities and also builds courage to survive in any situation.

3. Starcraft II

You can win in this game if your reflexes are quick and how quick you are.

This Starcraft II helps you to build an army of your own to defeat your enemy and apply skills likewise. What you choose will make or break your nation in the game.

It helps you to be quick always and also to be smarter with your skills.

4. Civilization 5

This game puts you in charge of an entire civilization which will make you smart in any way.

You can turn into a tech superiority, be a military superpower or anything that you want. So make the choice wisely before you ruin your nation.

This Civilization 5 game is different compared with the rest of games. It helps to choose your own civilization that means it completely depends upon your opinion.

So, you should be smarter enough to choose the best.

5. Anno 2070

If you want a distinctive break from all the explosions as well as gun-wielding then there is no better alternative than Anno 2070.

The Anno 2070 game revolves all around the concept of managing an island and you also need to play in groups.

In order to win you need to be a cruel capitalist, a trusty or a tree-hugging environmentalist.

Your choice will forecast the outcome so strategy and tactics are vital.

6. Command and Conquer Ultimate Edition

The ultimate edition of this game is nothing less than thrill and excitement wrapped in a single package.

The game includes the first game in the series as well as the most recent version of command and Conquers.

Once if you understand the Command and Conquer ultimate edition game in series you can easily know the different versions in it and will really enjoy it.

You can plan your strategies and obviously, that will tickle your mind for sure.

So the above are some games that not only just keep you engaged in your PC/ Mobile for hours but can also make you smarter.


These games will help you to make smarter decisions and act on your strategies also these games helps you to spend your leisure time.

No wonder that these strategy games remain popular forever.

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