Top 5 Trends in Mobile Gaming Now!

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2022)

With amazing upgrades seen in the year 2017, mobile gaming seems to be booming with increased number of users – thanks for the affordability of internet in India.

Top 5 Trends in Mobile Trends now

Top 5 Mobile Gaming Trends

1. Intensifying Interactive Social Features
Although socio-gaming has been active in the mobile gaming space for quite some time, its significance is rising currently and will only go up. It will go beyond the regular interactive features and strengthen furthermore.

Players are, reportedly, known to enjoy social activities on mobile such as engaging in conversations with common people, sharing or even inviting friends and playing with them.

They like connecting with people or networking through mobile. And if the mobile gaming space offers such a social platform too, players would simple flip over it as this also helps share views, build credibility and, in turn, increase usability.

Superior interactive social features will keep you ahead in the mobile gaming arena.

2. Virtual Reality v/s Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality has mixed reviews when it comes to its advancement this year. Though nothing phenomenal has happened on this front, it is sure to see huger scope in the coming years.

In contrast, Augmented Reality seems to have taken a leap forward with the release of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery recently on 24th Apr, 2018. Many other huge launches are expected soon as well.

So, all in all, VR and AR both seem to be quite promising and can be great options for game developers.

3. Popular Games in India
Well, it’s not news how the age-old popular game, Ludo, regained its popularity all over again in the mobile gaming world back in 2017. As per the reports, the ‘daily active users’ was recorded as over 10 million. By the looks of it, the number will only rise higher.

India player base will evolve from the conventional casual games to player v/s player games. The PvP games are set to be on top now.

Not to mention, the socio casino games such as Teen Patti have done fairly well and other genres along the same lines such as rummy games and poker will be doing great too.

4. More Global Companies Entering India
India, for the past few years, has been noted among the top 3 countries with most games downloaded on the Play Store. So, it won’t take long for mobile gaming to become a terrific revenue generator.

The gaming market is considered to be saturating on the global front. With that said, India and South East Asia seemingly have greater scope for expansion, especially given the growing player base.

We can expect the Asian gaming bigwigs investing in India and making the best use of the great potential it holds!5.

5. Gaming Industry as Mainstream:
Despite of a huge player base and major DAU, gaming sector is still seen as a niche business and not recognized as it should be. Now, this will be changing soon.

It is about time the gaming industry gets its due prominence, and offer more career prospects. It sure seems to be doing better as we see its increasing presence and reach ability through multiple media digitally, on TV, etc.

Also, with a couple of interesting launches ahead, the investment in India’s gaming industry will surely climb.

Now, we simply have to wait and watch how the events unfold.

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