Top 5 Games for Long Journeys

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2019)
games that can play on long journey

Games That Can Play On Long Journey

Long journeys get tedious most of the times. Adding some fun elements along the trip can help make it better. So, the best bet would be to make a check list of some games that you could play along the journey.

And, if you are looking to make that list, you must definitely consider these five games:

1. Scramble
This one is a fail-safe game – one that can never disappoint you. Besides, all that each player would need is a paper and a pen. The game can be played between as few as 2 players or as many as you want. It starts with any street name (preferably big, may be more than 5 letters).

scramble game online
Now, each player needs to create as many words as possible using the letters of that street name, within 2 minutes. Each word gets 2 points and those that are repeated (as in used by more than one player) get 1 point.

The player with the highest points wins. It’s fun and a good way to improve vocabulary too!

2. Housie/Tambola
Well, Tambola, a.k.a Housie, is quite a popular game that’s usually played among a huge group of players during festivities, events or even fairs. This game is super fun and exciting and requires no special skill.

tambola game tickets

Just purchase your tickets and strike down the numbers that are called out to form lines or winning patterns. It’s pure luck based and keeps the excitement high throughout the game right from the announcement of winners of different criteria until the Full House winner.

3. Rummy card game
And, then there’s the good old Rummy that’s possibly the most popular game in India. It makes for a great game during your spare time, or long distance travel, festivities and many other occasions.

indian card game

It is played with a deck of cards consisting of four suits and two Joker cards. There are many rummy variants you can try – pool, deals or strikes. So, just carry a deck or two of this amazing evergreen rummy game while traveling to beat boredom and have a fun time!

4. Rock, Scissors, Paper
Well, this one is well-known across the globe. This is a super fun game and is a hit among all age groups.

Although it can be played just for fun, it becomes all the more interesting when it is played to arrive at a decision or make a choice.


It is a 2-player game, but can be enjoyed by all. Plus, you need nothing in order to play and can be easily learnt!

5. Tongue Twisters
Of course, make a list of some amazing tongue twisters and get each person to repeat it as many times as possible without any interruption or slip of the tongue, so to speak! This is a sure-fire fun activity that will keep you occupied throughout the journey.

Tongue Twisters

Here are some to get you started. Try and get set for the ultimate laugh-ride:

“She sells sea shells on the sea shore
How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?
Sheena leads, Sheila needs.”

So, don’t forget to add these games to your checklist when heading out for a long distance journey!

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