This Sankranti, Win Gold Coins Worth Rs. 1 Lakh, At Classic Rummy!

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2020)

As any other festival of India, Sankranti is also celebrated with great fanfare, but with distinct rituals and traditions in different parts of the country. In any case, people just want to enjoy during the festivals, and playing cards is one of the very common and traditional ways of celebrating. Among all card games, rummy is the most sought after game and with the advent of technology we can now play online rummy. One such website which offers ultimate experience in the game of rummy is Classic Rummy. It’s a completely secured website where everyone can play to their heart’s content and also earn quick bucks with minimal investment.


This Sankranti, Win Gold Coins Worth Rs. 1 Lakh, At Classic Rummy!

Classic Rummy site offers multiple variations of the rummy game. Not only are the games interesting, but there are several offers too! This Sankranti the site is offering a special festive offer where the players can win gold coins. This offer is valid only from 1-16 Jan, 2016. The members can play Indian rummy online strike games and become eligible for the Sankranti gold coin offer worth Rs. 1 Lakh. Strikes rummy or points rummy is the fastest form of Rummy. In this game the player plays for points which have a pre-decided rupee value and each game lasts for one deal only. To win this game, one must make two sequences out of which one should be a pure sequence i.e. without joker. The remaining cards can be made into sets of 3 to 4 cards.

In India, people buy gold not only for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries but also during festivals. Gold is also offered to Indian deities and is considered the most auspicious gift during these occasions. To keep up the with the spirit of the festival, the gold coin Sankranti offer on the Classic Rummy website will give top 20 players a chance to win a share of 40 grams of gold coins worth Rs. 1 Lakh. So, if you love playing cards and want to make an auspicious start to the new year, then wait no more. Make the most of the Sankranti gold coin offer by playing your favorite game of rummy online.

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