The Simplest ways a ‘GAME’ can become an inspiring factor in life

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2021)
the simplest ways a game can become an inspiring factor in life

The Simplest ways a ‘GAME’ can become an inspiring factor in life

“Games and sports have always been a way to have fun and strengthen relationships among people”

The experience of enjoying a game with someone can bring you closer to them as it instils a sense of brotherhood and peace. 

Owing to the harmonising quality of games, countries around the world routinely organise tournaments and sporting events from time to time. 

Playing and winning a game involves the interplay of many powerful emotions, motivation and drive to overcome challenges creatively and swiftly. 

Thus, it would be right to say that games can become an inspiring factor in life. Here are a few simple ways how.

1. Creates Positivity

A game is a type of competitive activity which is played with another person or people based on a set of rules. 

They make us happy because they appeal to one of our deepest instincts. Before human beings started living a civilised life, we were hunter-gatherers. 

Thus, the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism that we relied on for our survival is no longer required. 


Playing games such as skill-based fantasy games helps us use that instinct, which releases the feel-good hormones in our brain and helps us feel more positive and motivated.

Apart from keeping you entertained, games can even make you happier.

2. Inspires & Motivates

When we hear the term ‘game’, we feel curiosity, excitement and interest as our first emotions. 

It is because playing games is dominated by several powerful emotions such as optimism, novelty, pride and motivation to complete the challenge and reach the goal.


Therefore, when we go through the hurdles and win in a game, we are inspired and motivated to win in real life.

This feeling, coupled with positivity, can also encourage players to do better in their personal and professional life.

3. Creates Bonhomie(Happiness)

Playing multiplayer games involves interacting with other people constantly and creating coordination with them.

The past is witness to many events in which people do not understand each other’s language, but they have played and won a game together. 

It is because people are capable of chasing a common goal by uniting their skills. When we face a hurdle with someone or a set of people and emerge victoriously, it creates a feeling of social bonding and community. 


Thus, playing online games can help one make friends with more like-minded people and create a community that understands them completely. 

Games have historically been a strong adhesive between people, communities and even countries.

4. Shapes a Better Person

Playing games can also inspire you to be a better person. Research has shown that the feelings that arise in us while playing a game can trickle into our lives.

So, for example, when children enjoy prosocial games that involve cleaning graffitis or clearing out pollution, they are more likely to become helpful and understanding in real life. 

shapes a better person

They would be more than willing to support their acquaintances, friends, family, neighbours and even strangers. 

The experience of playing such games will also make them more aware of ecological problems and shape a better person out of them.

5. Encourages to Overcome Challenges

Games such as video games or online games can inspire people to overcome challenges in their real life in the best possible way. 

Playing games by a set of rules creates a number of small but influential changes in our mind. Our aim while playing any game is to win, and thus we try to make our best move. 


It uses our facilities of confidence, creativity, optimism, focus, ambition and resilience among many others. 

But the abilities do not go away once we stop playing. They become a permanent part of our psyche, which encourages us to overcome challenges in real life in a creative way.

6. Generates Skill

There are so many ways in which games can become an inspiring factor in your life. For example, playing games can help you develop your facilities and generate skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

Playing multiplayer games give you the social knowledge of how to collaborate and coordinate with people while facing the challenges of the real world.

inspiring games

It helps you generate your logical facilities and the way you respond to problems. You also learn the best and quickest ways to handle situations.

Many people who play games online on a regular basis have found that they have become much better at their jobs due to their bouquet of new skills.

Final Thoughts

In the world of gaming, nothing is impossible. That is the kind of attitude that one needs to face problems head-on in life. 

Playing skill-based fantasy games online can help people chase the feeling of passion towards making things possible with their efforts. 

In this way, when they pursue a goal in the game, it motivates them to chase their goals in real life as well. 

The experience and sheer fun of playing the games can convince someone to abandon the despair of their lives and set a new milestone. 

They start to believe that if they can do it in a game, they can definitely do it in real life. If you do not believe it, try playing your favourite skill-based fantasy game for an hour every day. You will start to notice changes in your life!

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