The popular Indian Rummy 13card game is now available online

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2022)

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Rummy has long been a popular card based game in India. This multi player, indoor game has been popular since ages. Indian rummy is an alternate rummy game played with two to six players, each player having thirteen cards which are to be arranged in sequences or sets with at least two sequences without any Joker. So you have two decks of fifty two cards each with one face joker printed on the cards. One more joker is selected and agreed upon at the beginning of the game. Since there are two decks, so all cards having the same number or picture as the selected card will also be treated as joker. Whichever player is able to arrange all his or her cards in sequences or sets as above with at least two sequences without any joker makes a show and wins the game.

Simple and easy to play, no wonder the game has been very popular in India. As this game of rummy involves thirteen cards with each player, it is called as classicrummy.

With our busy lives now days, it is not possible for us to sit together with our friends at a place and enjoy a game of rummy. In fact, it is really impossible to gather all your friends physically at one place to play rummy. Keeping this in mind, classic rummy now offers Indian Rummy Online. A PC with 1 GB RAM, operating system windows XP and above, a speaker and internet connection more than 256kbps is all you need. So register at the above website to play and enjoy hours of fun.

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