Celebrate Ugadi with a win in our special rummy tournaments

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2021)
celebrate ugadi with a win in our special  rummy tournaments

Celebrate Ugadi with a win in our special rummy tournaments

Celebrate Ugadi with a win in our special rummy tournaments – ClassicRummy.Com

Best thing about India and its culture is that there are so many New year’s! Every religion and community have its own and it is super festive!

Ugadi is one such festival celebrating new year and new beginnings in the southern region of India.

According to a Telugu belief, Ugadi is celebrated because this was the day when Lord Brahma started creating the world and started writing people’s fates and has been doing it since.

Well, we don’t know what Brahma has written in your fate today but we for sure know that this Ugadi will be loaded with fun for all of you!

Celebrate this Ugadi with many winning and earning opportunities at Classic Rummy. Several rummy tournaments are in order waiting to make your Ugadi special and memorable!

Special Rummy Tournaments @ ClassicRummy.Com

TourneysPrize PoolRedeem Now
Classic Wins TourneyWin from Rs.10,000!Play Now
HI – FIVE TourneysWin from Rs.15,000!Play Now
Ballebaaz TourneyWin from the prize pool of 50,000!Play Now

Check out these free rummy tournaments!!

Classic Wins Tourney

1. Classic Win – Free Josh

One of the most rewarding rummy tournaments online is Free Josh tourney. As its name already suggests this tourney has free entry and has big rewards. Maintain your josh super high this Ugadi on Classic rummy for Classic wins.

Free Josh Tourney

Register for the tourney and grab your seats without fail. Best part about the tourney? It is every day at 2:00PM. Get set to have an incredible skilful Rummy tournament.

Win from Rs.10,000!

2. Classic Win – Daily One

The Daily one is the tourney which is one of the amazing cash rummy tournaments. Win daily, have mega fun, and grab your seats.

daily one rummy tourney

Enter with just Rs.1 at 8:00PM daily. Just one rupee for Daily one tourney.

Win from Rs.10,000

HI – FIVE Tourneys

You will find several tournaments but none of them will be like Hi – five! Play this free online rummy tournament now. Play all day long, whether it is morning, noon, or evening but rummy must go on.

hi five online rummy tournament

Play amazing 20 minute mind blowing tourneys between the time of 9AM – 11pm.

Start the new year with your wins from Rs.15,000!

Ballebaaz Tourney

1. Midweek Ballebaaz tourney

Are you a perfect batsman? Find out with our Ballebaaz tourney. If not a batsman, you can be an amazing rummy player. Test your rummy skills with free online rummy tournaments.

Be a depositor in the last 7 days and grab your chance. Your love for rummy will get you loads of rewards! Be ready on Wednesdays at 9:30PM.

Why do we love it? It is a free online rummy tournament, and you have the chance to win from the prize pool of 50,000 !

ballebaaz tourney

2. Weekend Ballebaaz tourney

Howzat! Get ready for some weekend fun and earn with the Ballebaaz tourney! Use your cricket mentality because you are obviously going to need it here! Win cash tournaments easily and the free tournaments. Rock your rummy game on weekends with Ballebaaz tourney.

Participate in this tourney at 9:30 on Sundays. Get a complete free entry, but what you have to make sure that you are a depositor in the last 7 days!

Grab your share from the prize pool of Rs.50,000. Have a happy weekend with the Ballebaaz tourney and rewards.

Final Thoughts:

So, play this game of matching cards and winning hearts to make your day! Rummy is the game which is now easily accessible to everyone. On that note, an important piece of advice for you.

Download the rummy app on your phones and desktops it doesn’t matter which device you use. Whether iOS or Android.

Just download it because you will get the best deals to win and earn rewards, best offers, security, safety, round the clock customer assistance and what not.

Without any second thoughts, just choose the best rummy app i.e., Classic Rummy!

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