Online Rummy – Fun, Excitement & Action Now Also on the Internet Ta-da!!!!

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2020)

The fast evolving technological advancements have made the world a much smaller place with almost anything you want available online. Rummy too can now be played online anytime from any location. No need to wait for friends or a pack of cards; just login and get into the rummy zone.
Here’s the deal for
online rummy game:

online-rummy- fun-and-excitement-at-classic-rummyAlmost all the variants of Classic Rummy namely Pool, Points, Deals and Cards are accessible online. A step by step instruction manual to understand the nuances of the game is also on the deck

  • Free cash games have also been launched. All free players are eligible based on mobile and email verification
  • Playing Indian Rummy online has been given a legal status by the government and the website encourages only responsible gaming
  • The website maintains high level of security with regards to all the financial transactions and also other data stored on the site. The real money rummy tournaments are totally safe and secure
  • The tournaments are multilevel & multi-player games. They are fast paced and very popular among players
  • The game is also available on your mobile device with full selection of variants. The app is user friendly with high quality gaming experience. It works faster and is more secure with special offers in store especially for mobile users.

Experience the buzz and the frenzy of your favorite Classic Rummy games which are now accessible online from your device at

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