Last 15 Days to Win Gold Coins and Cash Prizes Worth Rs. 25 lakh!!

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2020)

The month-long Grand Dussehra Fest at Classic Rummy is halfway through, and we’ve got many happy players and winners.

Grand Dussehra Fest September Classic Rummy

This festive offer is rewarding the top players across rummy variants and categories with gold coins and cash prizes worth a massive Rs. 25 lakh in total!!!

In case you have missed out on the fest so far, worry not – you haven’t missed a lot. The best is yet to come! Get a brief on the offers and let the show begin:

1. September Stars!
All the top 10 wagerers and top 10 players with most games played in pool, deal and strikes rummy each win Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 6 lakh total. Become a September star and take your Amazon vouchers.

2. Stars of the Month
To become a star of the month, play any rummy game and wager the highest. We will reward the top 100 wagerers (across all variants) of the month with cash back worth Rs. 2 lakh.

3. Classic Navratri Specials
Enjoy classic celebrations of all the 9 days of Navratri at Classic Rummy! Participate in daily tourneys and become daily top players in each of the rummy variant to win a share of Rs. 7 lakh cash prizes & Rs. 4 Lakh worth of gold coins.

4. Dussehra Tourney – the Grand Finale!
Participate in the Classic daily tourneys and all the winners will get a free entry to the grand finale. Others can also participate for a fee of just Rs. 100 to win a share of gold coins and cash prizes worth Rs. 5 lakh, on 30th Sep, 2017!!! It allows a total of 2000 participants. Get your spot!

5. Mega Prime Time Offer
Make the most of prime time gaming between 6 pm and 12 pm every day. Play pool, deal or strikes in the prime time, and the ‘top 10 wagerers’ and ‘top 10 players with highest number of games played’ in each variant win a share of Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 6 lakh total.

With only 15 more days left, the players are still in for some big wins. In fact, the mother of all offers this month is yet to start – Classic Navratri Specials/Dussehra Tourney – the Grand Finale!! So, get set for the big event of the month starting from the 21st up to 30th September, 2017.

You’ve got a ton to win here. So, just make sure to participate and gorge on a big share of the festive rewards! What are you waiting for? Login and get playing!

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