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(Last Updated On: November 16, 2021)

Rummy is considered the second most popular game in the world; second only to poker. The primary reason for this sweeping popularity is the success of numerous variants of the game that are rampant across different regions. With just minor differences in basic rummy rules, each variant adds a new charm to this fun of 13 cards game. The three most popular variants are Gin rummy that is considered the easiest. Dummy rummy is cool like its name and last, but definitely not the least is the classic Indian rummy. Classic Indian Rummy has a massive online presence as well as offline standing and it is said that its popularity is every growing.

Make the most of playtime at CLASSIC RUMMY

This multiple player game requires pure and matching sets and sequences of cards i.e. without any jokers and the player with the lowest points in his unattached cards out of the total hand of 13 cards wins the game. Sounds simple right? This game has caught the fancy of many, old and young, as the online version brings the classic version as well as attractive game plays and exciting tournaments right to your fingertips.


Diwali Rummy Special Tourney

On, you can join a staggering number of 900000+ rummy enthusiast and choose from a wide array of games like 21 cards, deals rummy, point’s rummy, and pool rummy and of course the classic 13 cards game. You can play for fun or if winning money motivates you then classic rummy offers rewarding rummy cash games and online tournaments with real money prizes.

Features that make CLASSIC RUMMY your top choice

  • Undeniably the first multilingual rummy site from India
  • Wide selection of games in 10 sensational variants to suit your interests and skills
  • Free trials and nominal pricing as low as just 5 for superb visual effects and exciting game plays
  • 24/7 online gaming
  • Fast and dynamic user interface and easy to follow steps
  • Trustworthy and absolutely safe payment methods for secure deposits
  • Full-proof player protection measures and a robust Privacy policy
  • Certified game integrity and responsible eligibility criteria of players above 18 years only
  • Qualified customer support team that is available round the clock
  • Proficient and accredited channel partners ensure secure sessions and quick response
  • And most of all, amazing deal of getting instant money with 100% cash back offer on your first purchase
  • Easy to download, absolutely secure and fully tested mobile classic rummy app download.

Play anytime you want through your phone or on your desktop. Just login, make your selections, start a game play and immerse yourself in the thrill of the exhilarating game. Do not miss the golden opportunity to explore exciting money making offers this festive season with special challenges and magnificent tournaments with drool-worthy prizes that are guaranteed to multiply your fun and winnings. Even if you do not win gold coins, prize money or vouchers, you will love every minute you spend at classic rummy and want to visit again and again. Looking forward to welcoming you.

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