6 Goosebumps Moments you Feel When Playing Online Games

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2020)

An array of emotions and multiple goosebumps – these are a few constants that remain throughout the game play.

Goosebumps Moments you Feel When Playing Online Games
Goosebumps Moments you Feel When Playing Online Games

Everyone who loves playing online games must have experienced them a number of times.

From completing one level to defeating the opponent, there are plenty of ‘Goosebumps Moments’ that not only define great playtime but a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for the player.  

Blame it on added drama, overexcitement, outside circumstances or vanquishing adversity, things that bring the exhilaration give the goosebumps too. 

We all love to encounter some unusual endings, dramatic scenes, watching the underdog winning the game and the good guy getting the credit he deserves, isn’t it? All these collective moments lead to goosebumps. 

List of 6 Goosebumps Moments When Playing Online Games:

Let’s take a look into 6 Goosebumps Moments you usually feel when Playing Online Games.

1. When Hard Work Pays Off

No matter which online game you play, it takes time to learn all the tips and tricks to become a pro in it. Learning to play a new online game and getting mastery is a slow process. 

At the same time, when it is a multi-player game, building relationships, fine tuning the teamwork and reducing the communication gap happen slowly. 

However, once all these are attained and your hard work pays off, getting the goosebumps becomes obvious because you can clearly see yourself and the team winning. 

2. When you Finally Step into the Next Level

It’s a feeling with mixed emotions when you finally made through the next level after a lot of struggling. Getting goosebumps when the game welcomes you into the next level is so amazing. 

It could take a week or month of hard work, practice, learning and patience to move across the hard levels of the game and once it is achieved, the thrill has no boundary.

3. When you Beat your Opponent

Playing a game against an online player is enough for the adrenaline rush and winning against him gets so overwhelming. It could even become one of your best moments of the entire game.

Just the thought of defeating the opponent by using the right tactics and counterattacks is enough to bring the goosebumps. When you know that your strategies worked well in beating your opponent, what else could make you happy?

4. When you Settle Score

Believe it or not, a bit of rivalry is a part of online games. It is also one of the most enjoyable and entertaining parts of online gaming that gets tougher with time. 

Whether your playstyle is hyper-aggressive or not, when you settle scores with your competitor, it gives a sense of accomplishment along with the goosebumps. We all wait for such moments. Don’t we? 

5. When the Money Starts flowing 

There are plenty of online games that benefit you monetarily. Sometimes you earn real cash in playing such games, which keep you on your toes and make you feel exhilarated. 

If you are one of those who love online games like PUBG, Ludo, Online Rummy, and others, I am sure you have felt the goosebumps seeing the cash flowing in your account or wallet.

Earning cash while playing is like an added perk that we all want to cherish. Isn’t it?

6. When you Make the Last Win

One thing that we all gamers wait for is the final win. Being the most awaited moment, getting the goosebumps at that time is so obvious.

When you know that you have used the right tactics, made the perfect strategies, passed every level, beat every rival, and got that ever dreamt winning trophy you get the goosebumps.


Online games have captured our imaginations, they surprise us, scare us, challenge us, reward us, and give multiple goosebumps. They have taken us to the dream world and introduced us to some memorable characters.

Plethora of adventure and endless memories awaits when you play online games.

We hope you get some more thrilling moments and enrich your online game playing experience.

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