Gamer Personalities: Which type of gamer are you?

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2021)
Gamer Personalities
Which Type of a Gamer You Are?

Similar to how there are an uncountable number of games available in the market, there are different types of gamers to fit each category, style, and make. It all depends on their preference and liking.

Every game does come with its own set of rule books or a manual of how it should be played but players are also unique, and all are different yet fun in their own way!

Many of you might be totally unaware of the fact that this could be a thing because all we know or classify ourselves as are either winners or losers, isn’t it?

Continue reading to find out the various types of online gamers and if you fit in any type or not.

1. Completionists

For all your ones that are focused on getting things done and completing it ASAP. When all that matters is achievement, success and progress in whatever you’re doing, then why all fall under this category.

Games to look intoNeverwinter Nights and Cave Story

2. Achievers

These are people who either will win or lose the game, but these kinds are the ones that understand the principles of the game more than anybody else.

They don’t believe in showing off their skill set or their victories. Irrespective of what the result may be, they’d prefer keeping the losses and gains to themselves.

Games to look intoClassic Rummy & Counter Strike

3. Explorers

As the name suggests, these players are someone who will take time to research and know various methods to play the game.

They’d engage in conversations or build their knowledge of the game just by playing multiple times. One trait that they possess is they do have a result-oriented mindset.

Also, for explorers, defeat/loss/failure isn’t a downfall but a learning experience or a new discovery of how to better themselves.

Games to look intoDwarf Fortress

4. Socialisers

Ones who believe in enjoying the game play to the fullest and that’s about it. Winning, losing or any other factor doesn’t really come into play for them.

They are friendly and socialising people who enjoy and prefer playing games with friends and family to have a good time and call a day!

They are also great at building a strong community by meeting new peoples over the net or in the game and connecting with them.

Games to look intoCard games with friends & Warcraft

5. Adventures

The one who absolutely enjoys the game, story and the thrill are adventures. They do have a little bit of the destroyers and explorer’s qualities in them as well.

And these two traits they do possess but it does not dominate their gaming style. They do it only if and when they find the need for it.

They are also quite observant hence, they notice all the good and bad of the games they are playing.

Games to look intoAssassin’s Creed, Fallout & Neverwinter Nights

6. Challengers

When everybody else complains of how tough the game is or how hard the levels of the game are, you’d be the one accepting the challenge head on. No game- Puzzle, Arcade, etc are ever enough to match up to your spirit.

Usually, someone who would take all the trouble to ensure you find a way to get about the game whether it be new tricks, routes or formulas.

Games to look intoSilver Surfer, Indian Rummy

7. Casual Gamers

The type that plays for the sake of playing and based on what suits their comfort. They definitely wouldn’t go that extra mile to play or win the game. That could be playing games on the mobile, laptop or a random board game- it doesn’t really matter.

They also do believe in enjoying themselves rather than falling into the seriousness of the game. If you like breaking the stereotype then yes, you are a casual gamer!

Games to look into – Zombie Drivers & Audio surf

8. Thinkers

If puzzles, wargames, and tabletop games interest you a little bit more then, hands down you are a thinker. Somebody who would invest their time and energy into planning, thinking, analysing and working their way through!

Anything that is complex and far from easy, thrills you. The thought of strategizing and using your brain is what you believe in.

Games to look into – Hearts of Iron, Online Rummy & Aperatus

9. Creators

Staying original and being creative and new are your main quality traits! These online gamers are people who would rather spend their time building up their game and completing tasks or objectives assigned to them in the game. Basically, they just enjoy creating new stuff and having it look presentable to them.

Games to look intoMinecraft

10. Destroyers

No matter what kind of game you are playing, nothing is ever too hard for you because you got it all sorted.

These are kind of similar to the explorers as even they do believe in finding new i nnovative ways to get the game rolling.

But, for destroyers, they’d do whatever it takes to be done with the game. Whether it be killing, getting someone out the way or more- they’d go with it full power.

Games to look into – Online card games

Final Thoughts:

No matter what games you prefer playing or whether you prefer playing it the new modern way or the old traditional way, everybody has their own unique style of gaming.

There are various types of gamers and now you are aware of which category you fall under! Let us know what type of gamer you are, we’d love to know!

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