Unbelievable Games That Will Change the Gaming World!

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2021)
unbelievable games that will change the gaming world

Unbelievable Games that Will Change the Gaming World

Unbelievable Games That Will Change the Gaming World!

Do you know what is the circle of life? New things keep coming, and the old ones keep going out of the picture. That is how things work usually. But there are some things which are timeless!

No matter what, how, or when the time is, these things never become old, never go out of the fashion. Such types of things are called futuristic.

They are made with such a vision that they seem to hold surprises and excitement of the future and at the same time comfort of known things.

What if, you can find games that are futuristic? Sounds very convincing and exciting right?

Here is the list of Mind-blowing Futuristic Games:

Platform Download
VA-11 Hall-APlay Now
Classic RummyPlay Now
Oxygen not included Play Now
Knights of the Old Republic Play Now
MachinariumPlay Now

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VA-11 Hall-A

Ever wondered what bartending in the future would be like? VA-11 Hall-A game here is your answer. You get to be a bartender in the future San Fransisco.

You get to serve future drinks to your customers, listen to their worries and give solutions to their problems.

You get to experience the future life and the real people, and their realistic problems will make your experience lifelike.

Classic Rummy

Rummy is a game that has been played for years and years and is still played with the same excitement and interest.

Do you know what makes a game futuristic? It’s the ability to be adaptable and provide something more than fun! Rummy has both of these things.

It was played, it is played, and it will be played in the future too. From the actual card games to the online virtual presence of this game has made it more adaptable and in tune with the present times.

It provides real cash prizes & money on different wins or different deposit offers, and that is how it provides something more than fun to keep their audiences engaged and hooked to this game. This is one of the main futuristic games due to its easy yet complicated gameplay.

Oxygen not included

Who is up for a trip to space? Not just a trip but to build a colony there? It’s always been a dream of humans to find out if there is life possible on any other planet or in space.

It is also believed that we will be able to do that in the future. What can be more futuristic than a game which provides you the opportunity to live your dream.

You have to make a colony in space, find basic essentials, find food and invest in housing, etc.

The main game changer is that Oxygen is not included or available and the players have to find a solution for it. Challenges like these and the focus on little details make this game more convincing.

Knights of the Old Republic

Are you a Star Wars fan? If yes, then your Paradise is here. Get ready to take the part of a Jedi. Forging your path towards the light or the dark.

You have amnesia and fulfilling your duty becomes more difficult due to this. It’s a role-playing game from the Star Wars universe. Future beholds your fantasy and you get to do it through this game.


They say there is going to be a technological overthrow and rise of the robots. Want to what would that experience be like?

Machinarium game is based on the future where Robots have risen to the power and there are the only ones left, no humans.

The fun part of this game is that you get to use your imagination & guess. Puzzles, stories without words, etc help you understand life then. Amazing, right?

Bottom Line:

Are you ready for the future? Because these games here are like a time machine giving you a sneak peek into the future.

Through these games have timeless fun and get the chance to experiment and find out what you think about life. There are so many things in this small package.

All the games mentioned in the list above are must-try. 1,2,3! Take off to the Future!

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