Classic Rummy Launches User-friendly Multi-table Feature

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2022)

For the first time ever in the history of rummy Gaming industry, Classic Rummy has launched the smart, user-friendly multi-table feature that facilitates playing up to 3 games in a single screen. There’s a lot more to this upgrade.

Classic Rummy Multi Table Feature

Classic Rummy Launches User Friendly Multi Table Feature

Ever-enhancing, and always trying to provide the best, unmatchable gaming experience to its players, Classic Rummy has gone one step further to provide effortless navigation through really helpful features. So, the player can access all the essential functionalities right there in a single screen with just a few clicks. They are now made available at the top left corner of the game page. Let’s take each look here:

Animation Setting: This feature allows you to control whether or not and how you would like animation in your game. Check your preference and you’re all set for a pleasant game – just the way you like it!

Split Screen: This is another feature that you get to enjoy exclusively at Classic Rummy. As a default, the game screen shows all the game tables that you are playing. But, in case you wish to view only single table, you can just check Split Screen option and you’re good to go.

Cashier: Depositing has never been easier! Now, you save the time and effort to go back to the home page to make a deposit while your game continues. Simply use the cashier option on our upgraded new game page and you are just a few clicks away from making deposits.

What’s more! You can now play rummy tournaments and regular games simultaneously in one screen. Manage them both at once without having to toggle between multiple screens.

Overall, Classic Rummy is now the only online rummy site that allows the players to focus more on playing, enjoying best-in-class gaming experience while saving time and effort in handling multiple aspects. That means, more play and less effort!

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